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Achieving Humility on the mothers Road to Matrimandir in Auroville

Humility is that stage of consciousness, in which whatever the realizationYou know the infinite is still in front of you

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Let us sing a song of praise for the Sun that shines on us.

The Air that breaths through us.

The Water that baths us

The Earth that nourishes us.

Let us sing a song of praise for the touch, tastes smells, sights and sounds

Of a vibrating life

 That is awakening within us.


Wishing you a peaceful joyous and Blessed Christmas and may 2018 be filled with happiness and love for you.
Hugs and love,


IMG_2992Let us rejoice for the ones who are with us and think fondly of those who will not, or cannot, for whatever reason, be with us over the next few days.

When I think of  absent family and friends at Christmastime, the  beautiful words of Kahlil Gibran always come to mind;

When you part from a friend, you grieve not;

For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain’ ( The Prophet. 1926)

I hope you have a lovely Christmas my friends may it be filled with a gentle peace that flows from the heart of mankind.

Hugs and Love


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This is beautiful and there’s a lesson to be learned if only to listen.
Hope you take 2 minutes to watch this.
You won’t be sorry.
WHISPERS…This is awesome




An Tigh Padraig Watt is a quaint rustic house in the Irish speaking Gaeltacht District.

An Tigh Padraig Watt or Padraig Watt’s house in Irish, is steeped in local history. Padraig returned from America in the 1930’s and constructed this two-story house of stone, coral and wood on the site beside his parents thatched cottage. The cottage still stands there today but is too damp to live in right now.

This quiet private hideaway in the centre of South Connemara that would suit one or two people who require time for contemplation, relaxation, walking, reading, creative  activities or spending time with friends and family

It is situated just outside the village of Carraroe (An  Cheatru Rua) on the way towards the famous Coral strand (Tra an Doilin).

The village of Carraroe is surrounded by hideaway beaches and quiet walks and fishing inlets and is the home for the traditional Hooker Boats.


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I reply that if we are unaware of energy transference we could become exhausted by the therapy. Effective productive and healthy therapists prepare correctly. This groundwork begins the moment we start to train as therapists, continues with every client we meet and finishes as soon as we end a treatment.

When we are training as therapists we need to be able to resolve any personal and emotive problems before embarking on a career as a therapist. As the good book says, ‘Physician heal thyself’ (Luke 4: 23) which suggests that if we have unresolved issues we will project these onto our clients. Secondly, make the therapeutic atmosphere as positive as possible. The use of blessed salt and water helps to rid any negativity that may be in the working environment. We must be mindful of our thoughts and actions, focusing only on Love and Divine inspiration in whomsoever we perceive…

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