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Planning to meet the Holy Grail?

And so the  journey to find  peace begins.

  • First we will fly into Chennai Airport
  •  travel by bus to Pudicherry
  • stay for a few nights  with the Sacred Heart Sisters in the  Idaya Ashram
  • visit the famous Aurobinda ashram
  • travel to Auroville
  • visit a local village in the area to celebrate The Pongal Festival.

And that is in the first 3 days!!

From there we will visit

  • Ramana Ashram at Tiruvannamalai
  • Meenakshi temple at Madurai
  • Shantivanam- Bede Griffith ashram.

Before we start a 12 day silent retreat  with  Fr. Korko in Dhyana vanam, ashram in  Dindigul,

From there we will travel to

  • Bodhi Zendo, Kodaikanal: Zen meditation center run by  Fr. AMA Samy SJ

And finally we will travel to Kannyakumari at the South tip of India where the three seas meet, before returning to Chennai by an overnight train

Note to self

Phew that is a lot of travelling!!

O well let’s Wait and see how it works out  



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