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Phoning home from India: Just buy a sim card and you’re Ready to Go: Yes? Actually; No. -It is more complicated than that!


So, be prepared and bring

  • A copy of your passport
  • A copy of your Visa Permit to visit India
  • A copy of your home address and if possible a utility bill from home- I had a copy of my form I filled up for my visa which seemed top work OK
  • A copy of the address  you are visiting in India
  • A telephone number of the person you are staying with in India who will vouch for you. I gave the name and number of Sr Anna and Korkos number which seemed to work
  • A recent signed passport photograph I Had to go to camera shop across the road, get it taken, find a police man get it signed and then go back into shop! _ honest I ‘kidd’ you not!!

And, be prepared to wait several days for your phone to be activated.

Note to self

Who would have known that such a thing as getting a phone would be such a complicated affair!!

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