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Auroville( City Of Dawn) -an  experimental township  in Viluppuram district near Pondicherry,  was founded  by The Mother in 1968 who wanted to find an  ideal place where

  •  all men
  • all women
  • of all countries
  • of all creeds
  •  all politics
  • all nationalities

would become as one, living in peace and progressive harmony.

Note to self

Living in peace and progressive harmony: united as one people?

No war?

No injustice?

No violence?

But how?

How can this be done?

The  Mother and Sri Aurobindo  society  believed  that it was possible to realize  Human Unity  through

  •   Education,
  •  Service for the good of all,
  •  The practice of  detachment  from all individual aspirations and possessions. Auroville belongs to no one in particular, but rather to humanity as a whole.
  •  Union of oneself with Divine Consciousness through the practice of yoga.

And all of this would be realized in a dry barren valley in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

In the middle of the town, there now stands a large golden symmetrical globe known as The Matrimandir.


It was designed by Roger Anger  to be  a symbol of the Divine’s answer to mans aspiration for perfection. Silence is maintained inside the spiraling ramps that lead upwards to the air conditioned chamber of polished white marble.

Note to self

We did not get into the Matrimandir and like all tourists out for the day we had to be content with the photographs taken in the gardens nearby!! I hope we did not disturb the peace inside with all our questions !!


 As far as I can make out Auroville is a very  organised place. I did not have enough time to assimilate all the important information Image

It is governed by the Auroville Foundation through an act of the Indian Parliament.

The  rules and regulations, lends towards a structured co existence for visitors and Aurovillians alike, which of itself is a good thing.

The emphasis in Auroville appears to be on education and in particular on the development and improvement of self with an aim to reach self actualisation


Most importantly, it appears whatever realization you have you MUST NOT impose it on others.

And to this effect it appears to me that they are anti formal religion.

Even God is receiving bad press – I think !!

Please do not quote me on this as my trip to India is a  novices path of discovery and such a bold statements as the one I have just made  above would take years of reflection and study I would imagine.!

The OM Choir


We were not on time for the OM Choir. This  is us rushing to it with our guide Erick in red out front.

But we were very fortunate to meet Shraddavan one of the longest  living residence of Auroville and a disciple of The Mother. She is seated beside Philip  in the photograph below.


Mantra’s, according to Shaddavan, not only has  a certain rhythm, it must  be pronounced in a certain way , with a deep understanding of what that word used in the mantra  means.

Note to self.

It appears to me that Shaddavan is suggesting that  If we recite our mantra with a deep understanding, correct rhythm and pronunciation,  it will awaken within us the ability to communicate with the Divine……… I like it !!!! All I have to do is get the rhythm right,the sound right and know what I’m doing….I can do that….Can’t I? Well maybe in time I will

Erick’s wife Margaret the lovely blond haired lady with the yellow scarf, in the centre of the group photograph below


later explained that the Om Choir  is using singing as a prayer.

Apparently, when the group chant the word Om in a unified, rhythmical meaningful way, they are sending a collective call to the Divine Presence welcoming It into their hearts and souls.

Note to self

I sure am sorry I missed the Om choir as I love to sing at home.

 A recent discovery, let me add…but that is  a story for another day

Yet Another Note to self ( There is a lot of them in this post, but then again there is a lot to Auroville!!)

Auroville  is a beautiful, relaxing fresh cool place….I could be anywhere in the world!

It sure is nice but it must take a huge amount of organization to keep this project afloat!

It  is a far cry from the busy bustling streets of Pondicherry

I would like to spend some time here. Erick assures me that the guest accommodation is excellent..


I bought absolutely gorgeous Jasmine and Rose perfume and Incense sticks.

I also took some lovely photographs of the flower tablets in the Mother Symbol  on the road to Matrimandir which I hope to share with you one day at a time over the next two weeks or so.

And as for finding the Holy Grail …well what can I say this Novice is heading onto to meet the beloved of all India The Sad Guru who asks WHO AM I ? Have you guessed it?

Yes it is the one an only

Sri Ramana Maharshi

But first its the Pongal Festival in Philips  farm.

Later we will  travel by bus to Tiruvannamalai, where the Sad Guru awaits with the answer

Who Knows?



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