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Is Sri Ramala advocating a new religion?

Sri Ramala is not advocating a new religion, to the contrary  we are encouraged to stay with the religion we know and remain actively involved with the work we do, in world  we live.

Note to self

It is my understanding that the way forward for all religions is to consider what we have in common rather than focusing on differences.

And yet, the faith that I was baptised into-Catholicism, teaches that we have the one true faith and everyone else needs to be saved.

So where does that leave me with my miraculous search ? I’m  open. I’m not a religious scholar or theologian and I’m very glad about this, because if I was I could get very bogged down by it all.

The intensity of spirituality is tangible in around the  Sacred Hill of Arunachala. There are many wandering cows, dogs, holy men, beggars, homeless men,women and children as well as ashrams and inter faith centers.


We visited an Interfaith Centre known as The Quo Vadia  where we met the inspirational Sneha Jhoti or  ‘ Light of Love’, who shared many words of wisdom with us


Words Of Wisdom from Sneha Jhoti 

 Merge our Meditation into Daily life

Allow Love to overflow

Let love be the centre of your being

Accept all both good and bad alike

There must be no struggle welcome both good and bad alike

Welcome everyone you meet

Accept everything as a blessing, even bad things

Do not have any attachments

Do not have any negative feelings

Note to self

Sneha Jhoti is one of the most beautiful living souls I have met in my entire life.

Known fondly as the ‘Grandmother’ she strongly suggests that the miraculous road to health and happiness is to live in the moment, have no expectations or attachments, love and bless everything and everyone .

Please do not quote me on this as the truth but it strongly appears to me that Sneha Jhoti  is living her life  in  the Grace of ‘I Am’ recommended by the great Sad Guru Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

What joy

I was……we all were …. inspired……..bless you Sneha Jhoti



The Amazing Story of The Sad Guru Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi ( 1879- 1950)

At 17 Ramana Arunachala- later known as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi, experienced  a death like state. This  profound  spiritual  experience awakened  his enlightenment , in which he realized that after death , life continued as that of the Eternal Self . The true ‘I Am’

Afterwards, he lost interest in worldly things which  caused   family disquiet  that  resulted in his  leaving home .

He traveled by train to the great temple at Tiruvannamali.  Image

And,  to the  sacred hill of Arunachala ,


where he lived in solitude and silence for the first few years of his life. Bhagavan life was a lesson in submission.  He stayed in the hills in silence from 1915 until 1922.




Owing to his refusal to express any wish or desire the Ashram authorities built up their own structure and regulations and Bhagavan obeyed them willingly and with good grace. There  was never any question of what mood he was in for he had no moods .
He was closely observant and
humurous. The love that shone  in his eyes was one of luminous understanding
 Animals and children were drawn to him.


In The Sri Ramana Ashram, there was  rhythm and order to life, Where both Bhagavan Sri Ramans  and devotees  followed a meticulously exact routine.In the mornings he often sat  with hid devotees in silence .
Osbourne ( 1977)describes  the atmosphere as one ‘vibrant with his Grace. It was a peace and fullness  in which words would be a distraction’.  Osborne pp19)


The teachings of Bhagavan  Sri RamalaMarashi  are   a gift of  Grace, to all those  who seek it, irrespective of religion race or creed.

Reopening to mankind the Direct Path of Self Enquiry.

‘ Self enquiry alone can reveal the truth that neither the ego or the mind really exist and enable one to realize the pure  undifferentiated Being of the Self or Absolute’, ( Osborne 1997pp 64)

He is know as the Sad  Guru who teaches in silence.

To all those who turn to Bhagavan in their hearts the response is even more immediate, the support more powerful’ ( Osborne  pp70)

 Arthur Osborne 1997) Publisher: V.S. Ramanan, President  Bord of Trustees, Sri Ramanasramam

The Sad Guru- .
Important note to self

I have to be very careful when speaking of the mysteries of Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

At first it appears the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramala are simple making them  easy to repeat and expound upon. BUT, his teachings are  not  theoretical: They do not engage   in  ego’s  mental gratification.

As far as I can understand, Sri Ramala is not advocating a new religion, to the contrary   we are encouraged  to stay with the religion  we know and remain actively involved with the work  we do ,in world  we live

( I can do that! I know I can ….)All we have to do is ask ‘ Who am I really? And then  be open to his Grace. Such self enquiry  will allow us  to  aware of our  True  Self as one with God , helping us to   let go of  ego go and mental Ego driven  activities.

It sounds absolutely wonderful to me and I am definitely going to give it a go….I mean living in the moment constantly aware of God Grace sounds a whole lot better  all this mental garbage that is always rattling away in my head.!!!

Yup it is DEFINATELY a plan

So here hoping  for my salvation – hurrah!!   

Will the eager early bird catch the miraculous early worm?

We got up at 4 30 am to prepare for  20km walk 


in  search for the miraculous in the Sacred Hill of Arunachala where famous sad guru – Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi,lived in a state of bliss in  solitude and silence. 

Note to self

 I wonder if I do this walk will I gain any insight into  enlightenment?

If I follow  in the footsteps of this extraordinary man will I get any closer to my quest?

But then again how could I ?

This sad Guru who lived in a state of bliss opened your heart to  enlightenment by just looking at you?

Gosh!! more about this in the next post




We are on the road again from Puduchcheri to Tiruvannamalai

We Travelled from Puduchcheri to Tiruvannamalai 

We stayed with Lynda



And eat in  the Sathya’s cafe


Who served the most delicious  rice based pizza 

And also supported the abandoned aged


Do check it out

On the way home from our Pizza  it was still the Ponga Festival…and we met Pongal cows…Image

A note on Pongal cows….. From Wikipedia

The  Mattu Pongal, the day of Pongal for cows

Multi-colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flower garlands are tied around the neck of the cattle and then are worshiped.


They are fed with Pongal and taken to the village centers. The resounding of their bells attract the villagers as the young men race each other’s cattle.


The entire atmosphere becomes festive and full of fun and revelry. Arati is performed on them, so as to ward off the evil eye.According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus the association of this day with cattle.

Note to self.

 I would prefer to be a cow in India than other places in the world.

We kill cows for food.

It is big business.

I live in an agricultural country which make huge revenue from our slathered meat

I am professing to be a novice in search for God  or a type of Holy Grail.

And yet…

I still eat meat.

Several years ago I wrote the following poem.

And still, remained a carnivore.

Shame on me!!!

Its called


Cardboard boxes of cement and tin.

Foul breathed smoker destroyer lies therein.

His life is based on filth and decay which he denies and synthetically wipes away.

He drives machines run by oil and petrol.

Locked in, protected from all that is beautiful.

He lives and works in a man made hell, noise confusion grime, infiltrating every muscle bone and cell.

He eats a slaughtered dream, blood flowing in killing houses and abattoirs.

Can you hear the scream?

The prey  transformed with spices and cream.

The life giving flesh of cattle pigs and lambs, is wrapped in bundles, sold in shops as mutton, beef, chicken and ham.

He dines with knives and forks, never touching the prey he kills, with bloated belly he eats not what he needs, but what he wills.

This greedy bloodsucking parasite, savages not only food for prey.

The land he systematically destroys with chemicals fungicide insecticides, forcing nature against her will, into death and decay.

This pathetic evil creature is blind, he cannot see.

This life sucking vampire, is man, that’s all of us, everyone who will not stop this destruction, everyone including me.

Celebrating the Pongal Festival

Philip is bringing   us to a village near his farm called Pallipud.


The villagers have never met someone from Ireand before.


So we are celebrities!


They villagers are rejoicing at our arrival- imagine that

For the full 3D effect with sound  celebrating Pongal in Pallipud in video, is something else but I cant do it yet so sorry 😦

Do you ever wonder why we have religion? And why are we so passionate about it?

I was born into the Catholic faith but my search for the miraculous is looking beyond the belief of my culture.

In this blog,  I am travelling with you  to celebrate the Pongal Festival.

This harvest festival is  one of the most important Hindu Festivals of the year just as Christmas is, for us Christians.

And like Christmas it brings hope and peace to its believers.

Old  scores are settled and past transgressions forgiven.

Old clothes are burnt and new bright clots are worn for the first time.

It is all about new beginnings and fresh starts.

Sound familiar, don’t you think?

Over the next few posts I hope  to post a few videos which will allows us to get into the spirit of this celebration before delving back into the mystery of it all.

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