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We Travelled from Puduchcheri to Tiruvannamalai 

We stayed with Lynda



And eat in  the Sathya’s cafe


Who served the most delicious  rice based pizza 

And also supported the abandoned aged


Do check it out

On the way home from our Pizza  it was still the Ponga Festival…and we met Pongal cows…Image

A note on Pongal cows….. From Wikipedia

The  Mattu Pongal, the day of Pongal for cows

Multi-colored beads, tinkling bells, sheaves of corn and flower garlands are tied around the neck of the cattle and then are worshiped.


They are fed with Pongal and taken to the village centers. The resounding of their bells attract the villagers as the young men race each other’s cattle.


The entire atmosphere becomes festive and full of fun and revelry. Arati is performed on them, so as to ward off the evil eye.According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus the association of this day with cattle.

Note to self.

 I would prefer to be a cow in India than other places in the world.

We kill cows for food.

It is big business.

I live in an agricultural country which make huge revenue from our slathered meat

I am professing to be a novice in search for God  or a type of Holy Grail.

And yet…

I still eat meat.

Several years ago I wrote the following poem.

And still, remained a carnivore.

Shame on me!!!

Its called


Cardboard boxes of cement and tin.

Foul breathed smoker destroyer lies therein.

His life is based on filth and decay which he denies and synthetically wipes away.

He drives machines run by oil and petrol.

Locked in, protected from all that is beautiful.

He lives and works in a man made hell, noise confusion grime, infiltrating every muscle bone and cell.

He eats a slaughtered dream, blood flowing in killing houses and abattoirs.

Can you hear the scream?

The prey  transformed with spices and cream.

The life giving flesh of cattle pigs and lambs, is wrapped in bundles, sold in shops as mutton, beef, chicken and ham.

He dines with knives and forks, never touching the prey he kills, with bloated belly he eats not what he needs, but what he wills.

This greedy bloodsucking parasite, savages not only food for prey.

The land he systematically destroys with chemicals fungicide insecticides, forcing nature against her will, into death and decay.

This pathetic evil creature is blind, he cannot see.

This life sucking vampire, is man, that’s all of us, everyone who will not stop this destruction, everyone including me.

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