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At 17 Ramana Arunachala- later known as Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi, experienced  a death like state. This  profound  spiritual  experience awakened  his enlightenment , in which he realized that after death , life continued as that of the Eternal Self . The true ‘I Am’

Afterwards, he lost interest in worldly things which  caused   family disquiet  that  resulted in his  leaving home .

He traveled by train to the great temple at Tiruvannamali.  Image

And,  to the  sacred hill of Arunachala ,


where he lived in solitude and silence for the first few years of his life. Bhagavan life was a lesson in submission.  He stayed in the hills in silence from 1915 until 1922.




Owing to his refusal to express any wish or desire the Ashram authorities built up their own structure and regulations and Bhagavan obeyed them willingly and with good grace. There  was never any question of what mood he was in for he had no moods .
He was closely observant and
humurous. The love that shone  in his eyes was one of luminous understanding
 Animals and children were drawn to him.


In The Sri Ramana Ashram, there was  rhythm and order to life, Where both Bhagavan Sri Ramans  and devotees  followed a meticulously exact routine.In the mornings he often sat  with hid devotees in silence .
Osbourne ( 1977)describes  the atmosphere as one ‘vibrant with his Grace. It was a peace and fullness  in which words would be a distraction’.  Osborne pp19)


The teachings of Bhagavan  Sri RamalaMarashi  are   a gift of  Grace, to all those  who seek it, irrespective of religion race or creed.

Reopening to mankind the Direct Path of Self Enquiry.

‘ Self enquiry alone can reveal the truth that neither the ego or the mind really exist and enable one to realize the pure  undifferentiated Being of the Self or Absolute’, ( Osborne 1997pp 64)

He is know as the Sad  Guru who teaches in silence.

To all those who turn to Bhagavan in their hearts the response is even more immediate, the support more powerful’ ( Osborne  pp70)

 Arthur Osborne 1997) Publisher: V.S. Ramanan, President  Bord of Trustees, Sri Ramanasramam

The Sad Guru- .
Important note to self

I have to be very careful when speaking of the mysteries of Bhagavan Sri Ramana.

At first it appears the teachings of Bhagavan Sri Ramala are simple making them  easy to repeat and expound upon. BUT, his teachings are  not  theoretical: They do not engage   in  ego’s  mental gratification.

As far as I can understand, Sri Ramala is not advocating a new religion, to the contrary   we are encouraged  to stay with the religion  we know and remain actively involved with the work  we do ,in world  we live

( I can do that! I know I can ….)All we have to do is ask ‘ Who am I really? And then  be open to his Grace. Such self enquiry  will allow us  to  aware of our  True  Self as one with God , helping us to   let go of  ego go and mental Ego driven  activities.

It sounds absolutely wonderful to me and I am definitely going to give it a go….I mean living in the moment constantly aware of God Grace sounds a whole lot better  all this mental garbage that is always rattling away in my head.!!!

Yup it is DEFINATELY a plan

So here hoping  for my salvation – hurrah!!   

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