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Sri Ramala is not advocating a new religion, to the contrary  we are encouraged to stay with the religion we know and remain actively involved with the work we do, in world  we live.

Note to self

It is my understanding that the way forward for all religions is to consider what we have in common rather than focusing on differences.

And yet, the faith that I was baptised into-Catholicism, teaches that we have the one true faith and everyone else needs to be saved.

So where does that leave me with my miraculous search ? I’m  open. I’m not a religious scholar or theologian and I’m very glad about this, because if I was I could get very bogged down by it all.

The intensity of spirituality is tangible in around the  Sacred Hill of Arunachala. There are many wandering cows, dogs, holy men, beggars, homeless men,women and children as well as ashrams and inter faith centers.


We visited an Interfaith Centre known as The Quo Vadia  where we met the inspirational Sneha Jhoti or  ‘ Light of Love’, who shared many words of wisdom with us


Words Of Wisdom from Sneha Jhoti 

 Merge our Meditation into Daily life

Allow Love to overflow

Let love be the centre of your being

Accept all both good and bad alike

There must be no struggle welcome both good and bad alike

Welcome everyone you meet

Accept everything as a blessing, even bad things

Do not have any attachments

Do not have any negative feelings

Note to self

Sneha Jhoti is one of the most beautiful living souls I have met in my entire life.

Known fondly as the ‘Grandmother’ she strongly suggests that the miraculous road to health and happiness is to live in the moment, have no expectations or attachments, love and bless everything and everyone .

Please do not quote me on this as the truth but it strongly appears to me that Sneha Jhoti  is living her life  in  the Grace of ‘I Am’ recommended by the great Sad Guru Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi.

What joy

I was……we all were …. inspired……..bless you Sneha Jhoti



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