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IMG_1074At 3.45 am the alarm goes off. Instantly I rise thinking remaining in the horizontal position would return my body to peaceful slumber. So with firm resolved for my soul’s salvation I wash, drink loads of water and prepare for day.

Note to self,

It is very very very  dark outside  Are there any creepy crawlies in the dirt path as I walk with my torch to the chapel?  Oh well here goes… every journey begins with the first step as the cliché says!!

At 4.30 am sharp Korko begins our day with the practice of Hatha yoga.DSC_0809

 Korko describes Hatha Yoga or yoga-asana as special  physical exercises that helps the mind and the body to remain straight erect and still for long periods of time, which is a prerequisite for  meditation.

 Korko  finished the yoga -asana with a prayer that went something like this:DSC_0038

Become aware of your body, part by part from your head to feet;

How does your body feel today?

Is there any pain or discomfort in any part of the body?

Just become aware.

Become aware of the ground in which you stand; realize that you are standing on Mother Earth.

This Mother Earth is  providing  you with food, water and all your needs.

This Mother Earth is a symbol of the Lord, who holds you in the palm of His hands.

He is the rock, the most reliable one.

Tell yourself ‘I am rooted and grounded in the Lord. I am well protected; all my needs are met even before I ask for them’

Imagine Lord Jesus, the Guru before you,

 Greet the Lord,

Surrender yourself to the lord, body, mind, thinking, actions, words,

Surrender past, present, future and present concerns.

 Ask the Lord to take your hand and lead you in His path,

 That you may walk in His light and reach your destination

  Which is union with the Father

Note to self,

I absolutely love Hatha yoga, and Korko’s prayer is the icing on the cake! I just hope I got all the words absolutely right !!

By the time 4.45 comes around I am  able, willing and ready to start  Common Meditation.


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