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Its 5.45am: Time for my miraculous search to reflect on   Personal Devotion or Sadhana.

Personal Sadhana or personal devotion is practiced from 5.45 until 7 am.


The manner of devotion is left open, we can practice personal devotion or return to our rooms.


I am deciding to stay around and see what happens. If I return to my room I will sleep and that is not an option right now, as I really want to understand what this  union with God /Yoga is all about .

So I stay in the church,  looking around for a clue as to what or how I could practice personal devotion.

I am very familiar with prayer and in times of crisis I find it very comforting. I suppose I like to ask God to do things for me my family and friends, which is kind of daft when you consider that ‘all my needs are met even before I ask for them’

I remember that Nama Japa  and the Figure of  Eight mindful walk  is recommended in the handout given to us  on arrival in Dhyana Vanem Ashram


Nama japa  involves reciting  -over and over and over,  the name of Jesus as we breath in, and  Om* as we breath out, using the Mala or prayer beads to guide us.Such recitations repeated thousands of times, stills the chattering mind, opening  the heart to compassion, Love and eventually leading  to union with God.

Such union is known as known as Bhakti Yoga.

Note to self

I am  saying the Nama japa as I walk slowly and mindfully around and around  the Figure of Eight path in the early morning dawn.

It feels good to do it and it reminds  me of an exercise I did years ago to rid myself of unhealthy attachments.

It is spearheading my search for detachment which at 6.30 am in the morning seems to be an important quest for my soul in its search for the miraculous

 Another Note to self

*Japa yoga is repeating a mantra or repeating the name of God as a mantra (Nama-japa). Beads known as mala help with  practice of Nama japa.

* OM is defined by the Encarta dictionary asa sacred syllable that is chanted in Hindu and Buddhist prayers and mantras. It is symbolic of creation, destruction, and preservation, or of the primary trinities of Hinduism or Buddhism’. It is my understanding that Om is representational of the sacred breath/ the spirit  of God which gives life to all living things as described in the first book of Genesis.

‘In the beginning God created heaven and earth.2 And the earth was void and empty, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and the spirit of God moved the waters.



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