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Setting the scene.
Put a small space aside in any room and keep that place for meditation practice.DSC_0117

A checklist for meditation could include the following
 Meditation cushions or stool,
 Special clothes or blanket,
 Candles,
 Incense,
 flowers
 Semi-precious stones.

Note to self

While it is good to have some of these items; as they remind the mind that something special is happening, it is not essential to the practise.
Alternatively you can carry a light bright shawl, candles and incense around with you like a mini-peaceful environment to use for your meditation practice.
Meditation is best when it is practiced in the morning and the evening. The advantage of the morning is that the mind is calm after a good night’s sleep. Evening meditation provides an opportunity to settle the mind down after the day. It allows the body to prepare for rest and a good night’s sleep

Note to self

As far as possible, try to avoid the risk of interruptions during a session, but if they do occur, attend to them giving your full and try to avoid annoyance towards those who caused the disturbance
Set a good  intention

It is a great  idea to start your day with Good Intention to Meditate.

And, the time will become available to you.

A Final Note to self

Let me tell you about three more important steps to consider, before  beginning the practice of meditation which are:
 Posture
 Breathing
 Mantras
And, I will cover them in the next post so as they say on the radio….stayed tuned!

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