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Posture is the Second Essential Step of Meditation.

There are several misconceptions about postures for meditation and many associate it with the Full Lotus position practiced by experienced Yogi.
Gentle stretching exercises during the day will build up strength in your body that will enable you to sit comfortably without moving.
It does not matter whether you sit on a chair, on a mat or the floor. The most important thing of all for good meditation is a straight back.
If you sit on a chair resist the temptation to lean back into it.
Note to self…
Our posture is an excellent indicator of how we are meditating.
The body tends to stoop when the mind wanders.
When this happens just smile – without comment or any self reproach whatsoever, and gently bring your attention back to your breathing.
Keep an eye on your posture and correct it as soon as you notice that your head is not erect and/or your spine is not straight.
Correcting your posture is a signal to recommence meditation. Concentrating on the breath is an excellent way to bring the mind back from attention wandering. Start this reconnection by focusing on the gentle rhythm of inhalation and exhalation, which in itself allows the mind to become peaceful and calm.
A note on Hand Positions
Hand positions can be symbolic or ritual gestures used Buddhism, Hinduism. They are also used in Indian dance.

The Hands are a powerful means of communicating intent, for example
 when the index finger is placed under the thumb, it symbolises the intention to place the mind –the index finger under the will of God – the thumb.
 When the left palm up rests on the right palm and the thumbs are touching, the left hand symbolises the person and the right hand symbolises God. When the left hand rests in the right hand this symbolises the person resting in the palm of God. Both are united through the touching of the thumbs.
Note to self.
The hand two positions are in the photograph above.
Please excuse that I have left the most important steps- breathing and mantras till last.
It was not a decision that I took lightly.
I really believe that a straight back is the key to a good meditation practice, because it allows that lovely free flowing energy from the universe to travel up and down you spine.
I will continue to post over the next week and cover breathing and mantras in the meantime don’t forget to stretch, do the deep relaxation and whenever and where ever you think of it draw your shoulders back and consciously straighten the spine….. well that’s the plan anyway, as for me I’m not quite at Korko’s level of yoga-asana yet!!

DSC_0816 (2)


In the meantime it is ..
My friends
The priceless Gift of Serenity is worth it

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