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Correct Breathing is the Third Essential Step of Meditation


Deep gentle, slow rhythmical breathing

  • focuses the mind,
  • fills the body with oxygen
  • aids relaxation,
  • allows us to sit in silence with our Innermost Self
  • is a basic requirement for meditation.

Note to self

When  devotees  of Sri Ramala Maharshi asked if ‘it is hard for westerners to withdraw inward and be still.

The Sad Guru replied’ Yes, Western civilization are rajasic  or mentally overactive and we have to learn how to be quiet .

And  one way to do this is to practice focused  breathing as follows:

  • When breathing, count the breaths: inhaling exhaling
  • Do this without any effort ten times.
  • Then slow the breathing down by inhaling & slowly extending the exhalation down until it reaches
  • Do this at least ten times.
  • Continue to concentrate on the rhythm of the breath in and out until the mind slows right down.
  • Gradually, when you are ready, imagine a beautiful light, a radiant form, with deep compassion and love vibrating, shining, pulsating outwards from the center of your heart
  • Then  with great reverence introduce the  mantra sound, slowly, reverently and with great devotion.

Note to self

I  will tell you about the mantras in the next post and in the meantime just keep practicing the focused breathing as its importance cannot be overestimated.

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