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A mantra is a single word, sound or phrase which is repeated over and over again until the mind becomes still.

Words such as, Peace, Love or The Name of a Compassionate God of your understanding is great for a mantra.

The word Om is considered to the most powerful Mantra because it symbolises unity in all things.

Korko in his book Yesu Nama Japam states that
‘The word Mantra is a combination of two words ’Man ‘and’ tra’. Man refers to the ‘mind’; and ‘tra’ means crossing or liberation so mantra is supposed to take one beyond the mind.’( pp96)
Note to self
That is so interesting what Korko has to say.
Constant repletion of any word fills our thoughts with these words.
So when we repeat the words such as Peace or Love or Compassion over and over, our lives will become more peaceful loving and compassionate.The scary thing is…. I guess the opposite is also true!!

But staying with the positive the next burning question is this..
What does that mean if we use God’s name as a Mantra?
Hindus believe that the constant repletion God’s name :
• purifies the minds,
• focuses all thoughts on God
• unites us with God.
Hinduism is one of many religions. I am a Christian my friend is a Buddhist, and my neighbour is a Muslim.Yet, there is only one God and we of different religions call him by different names.
Is that OK?
does it affect the potency of the Mantra?

Korko says…

‘Every name of God is potent with power. Whichever name we choose and we repeat it constantly we can attain the quality and power of that name.
What we think of we become.
So if we think of God constantly we will attain God – consciousness and realize God’

Therefore, take your time deciding what mantra you want to use. You can change your mind as often as you like, relax, and see what word sits best with you and try it out. When there is no effort involved, everything works out perfectly.
When you have found your mantra, pronounce it slowly and with great concentration so that your mind can hear it. Keep repeating the mantra over and over again, so that it rises above the sound of your own thoughts which will try to resist the practice.

Gradually allow your mind to settle on the repeated sound.

When your attention wanders away from the practice, gently bring it back to the sound of the mantra until the mind is completely still.

Allow the mantra and breathing to slip way, as you becoming aware of the stillness and center of your forehead – your third eye.

Rest in the stillness time you set aside for the meditation is finished. Usually it is best to allow 30 minuets for the meditation practice.

Finishing the Meditation

After a designated period of time, bring the practice of meditation to a close, by taking a deep bow.

Bring to your awareness anyone you are not in harmony with, and/or who are not in harmony with you and bless them.

Bless all beings everywhere.

Send your blessings and wishes for peace out into the world

Resume your normal activities.

A comforting Note to Self
Korko assures me that even the mind of the most experienced meditators wanders.
This is a comforting thought.

Mediation is not a goal that needs to be reached; rather it is a lifelong process that helps us to connect to all that is good in life.

This process changes all the time, sometimes the mind becomes serene and still and sometimes we need to keep bringing back into the moment by focusing on the breath. It does not matter. All that matters is that we have a deep desire to be still and Meditation will help us to achieve this.

A final Note to self
It appears to me that meditation is an awakening, a subtle transformation that closes off the chattering mind and opens awareness to the present vibrations and wisdom of the universe. And yet, I find myself asking why is it that I am always to rushing around and being busy: I mean
• Where am I going?
• What am I seeking?
• Is it truly possible that this miraculous search is a journey back to God and meditation is the key to help us do this?
As the famous writer and theologian Mark Twain says
‘Meditation shatters the illusion that we are separate from God, and each other and our world’


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