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Ok, so here is the thing, you have the theory. You understand the 4 Essential steps. You know all about

  • Preparation
  • Correct Posture
  • Correct breathing
  • Effective mantras


It’s in the bag….Right?

Wrong …wrong… wrong… the old cliché rings true here

The way to hell is paved with good intentions

I don’t know about you but when I am left to my own devices I slip into bad habits very easily. It’s a very common problem apparently and this is why Korko suggested, that a group of us could meet at least once, if not twice a week to help us with our practice.

He also gave us the guidelines below to read out to help us stay focused and to help anyone who choose to join us, on any particular day.

Guidelines, allow the people gathering for meditation to have a very clear understanding of what this meditation is all about and how they could organise themselves to do it.

Note to self

Yup, these guidelines are great- Thanks Korko 

If you are reading this blog and if, like me you need discipline and routine to get moving, why not print the guidelines out  for yourself, get a few friends together, and see how it goes

Some guidelines for those who come to meditate:

Korkoniyas Moses SJ( Swami Sarananada)

Please read out these Guidelines at the start of each meeting.

We would like to welcome you to our _____Meditation group.

We will all begin again with a beginners mind with our meditation which will start at ___ and will continue until ___

The purpose of coming to meditate together is to

  • Support one another in our spiritual pursuit so that we are not over taken by the inhuman and materialistic values which can be prevalent in today’s world
  • Energize one another, helping us with our spiritual awakening, or to acquire higher consciousness, not just for relation or to enjoy good health

The Silence type of meditation or contemplation that we try to practice in this gathering is in fact beyond religions. It is to connect us with our inmost self or the Supreme Self beyond name and form.

So any body, of any religion or of no religion can join this.

Religious practices, Sacred Scriptures and the teachings of mystics can be a good starting point, but at certain point we have to leave them behind as we leave the boat in order to land on the other shore.

While reciting a mantra one may choose the name of one’s deity for repetition; but a time comes when one has to leave that name also to come to complete silence.

We honour the good things in all religions and the mystics of different traditions keeping in front of us the books and emblem of different religions.

We respect and tolerant each one’s religion, leaving us open to learn from each other

Content of meditation:

To start with one should keep in mind that the Meditation we have come to do here is not a time to

  • praise God
  • ask for some favors from God for yourself or for somebody else,
  • reflect on the Word of God
  • examine and correct oneself
  • decide on how best to live one’s life
  • make a decision for your life

These are perfectly OK in a discursive meditation but not for our meditation here.

The Meditation we have come to do here is basically to sit in silence with our inner most self; the method we follow here to come to this silence is:

  1. Awareness of body, sounds, breath, deep breathing and equalizing the breath, 
  2. Visualizing Jesus or an enlightened master in the heart and repeating his/her name while breathing in and OM while breathing out or just reciting OM itself
  3. Remaining silent, fixing the mind at the centre of the forehead – in the centre of wisdom/ the inner most self
  4. Sending peace to all the people, living beings and to the whole universe and ending by chanting Om Shanti (peace).

The meditation practice

  • Start the meditation with about minutes of relaxation, or loosening of the joints.
  • Then with hand joined on your chest you may, if you wish, read the following:

Become aware of your body, part by part from your head to feet;

How does your body feel today?

Is there any pain or discomfort in any part of the body?

Just become aware.

Become aware of the ground in which you stand; realize that you are standing on Mother Earth.

This Mother Earth is providing you with food, water and all your needs.

This Mother Earth is a symbol of the Lord, who holds you in the palm of His hands.

He is the rock, the most reliable one.

Tell yourself

I am rooted and grounded in the Lord. I am well protected; all my needs are met even before I ask for them’

Imagine Lord Jesus the Guru (or an enlightened master) before you,

 Greet the Lord,

Surrender yourself to the lord, body, mind, thinking, actions, words,

Surrender past, present, future and present concerns.

            Ask the Lord to take your hand and lead you in His path,

            That you may walk in His light and reach your destination

            Which is union with the Father.


Recommended time for a group sitting is approximately 30 minutes or less.


You may sit on a chair or on the floor with a cushion but the important thing is;

  • The body should be relaxed,
  • Spine should be erect,
  • As much as possible no movement of the body.
  • It is for this purpose we do some relaxation exercises or gentle stretching exercises before starting the meditation

 Reflection and sharing

 After the meditation the members could sit for a while to read some relevant passages from Scriptures

After reading, those present can share what they understand by it and enlighten one another with their insights.  

It is also helpful to share with one another on how we are trying to live our spiritual life.


We may if we wish, end the meeting with any of the following

  • deep bow -as a mark of respect for one another
  • moments silence
  • spiritual uplifting song



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