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Only 5 more days.

Then our dream of sharing emotional tonics, with encouraging words will become a reality.

You can get them on your IPad Or IPhone via a kindle app if you click into the link below.

Congratulations! Your book “The Lazy Guide to Meditation” is now live!!!


Good afternoon all my FB Friends I just wanted to share with you my good news:-) and say THANK YOU GOD and I PROMISE TO GET BACK TO KARMA YOGA NEXT POST…. HONEST I PROMISE

Congratulations! Your book “The Lazy Guide to Meditation” is available for pre-order in the Kindle Store. It is available* for customers to pre-order here. If you have resubmitted your book, your changes are now live.
Thank you for uploading the final version of your book. Customers who pre-ordered the book will receive the content on the release date, 10/02/2014.
Thanks again for choosing KDP to publish your work; we wish you the best of luck in promoting and selling it!
Kindle Direct Publishing

Whatever happens, there is a hidden blessing in it and I am going to surrender to it’. St. Therese

Today, along with my son Frank, his girlfriend Emma and my niece Caroline, we are submitting the final version of the first of a series Lazy Guide Books and I am asking for your blessings and good wishes that they will go well and will be in accordance with the natural order of life.

And then……. it’s back to the blog about meditation and Yoga, starting with Work or Karma Yoga..…so stay tuned my friends


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