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I am excited to tell you, thanks to your encouragement and kind words over the past few weeks, my dream has become a reality. I am about to publish a series of books called Lazy Guide Books which are not really lazy at all and are written for today’s fast paced visual   market.

The Lazy Guides Books™ are short-no more than 5000 words, light, funny, visual e books that can be uploaded onto the Kindle reader, IPad, or IPhone with the help of a kindle app. The writing style is easy and conversational, interjected with simple quizzes and questionnaires.

The first one The Lazy Guide to Meditation is an emotional tonics to keep handy, with encouraging words to brighten up even the darkest of days. It was launched on Amazon on 2nd of October this year.

I am teaching positive self-awareness for the past 26 years and the content of these books are the result of my experience in this field.

This information can also be freely obtained on the World Wide Web in my blog

However, as my son Frank wisely pointed out, some people do not want the hassle of looking through tons and tons of material, so we designed a new fresh approach to writing that looks at age old philosophies in new way that is compatible to the social media reader taste.

Thank you again for your interest and  I would be so grateful if you could spread the word and share this post on your timeline just to give all those you know a boost for  no reason all except to say  that you care

With very best wishes gratitude and blessing,

Marie Therese

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