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At the weekend a serous topic emerged from  a wonderful group of enlightened women I was working with and I want to share it with you over the next couple of weeks and it is this:

  • Do we work because we need the money or is it about prestige?
  • Are we looking for recognition and self worth through work?
  • What happens to us when we loose a job we love?
  • How do we stay motivated when the odds are stacked against us?
  • What happens  when we hate work we are doing ?
  • How can we deal with a negative work environment?

I  certainly do not have any glib answers to these serious questions, the truth of the matter I hate glib.

I know that when I am feeling down I want to strangle all of you happy chappy people out there in Facebook.

And yet, I wonder if there is something in it after all?

In the past few weeks, through my marketing of the e Lazy Guide Books  I have strayed away from my work in the YOGI Path and that is not a good thing.

Today is a good day, to begin again.

A good day to resume the search for the miraculous and  I would love to you join me as we revisit the teachers/enlightened beings  from  my travels in India earlier this year


Bhavatu Sarva



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