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He reached down from heaven and rescued me.

He reached down from heaven and rescued me..

He reached down from heaven and rescued me.

He reached down from heaven and rescued me psalm 18 : 16

Well now that says it all…don’t you think?

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Peace be with you.

My peace I give you.

All around the bombs abound.

Scattered bodies lie everywhere.

Broken, their spirits spent.

Mother’s son’s, squandered youth lies wasting in earth’s weed.

And what of life?

This gift pawned for another’s mans greed.

We sit like zombies,

fixed eyes on synthetic screen.

Like maggots, we play with decay.

Barren ground splattered with oil and blood.

O peace where is Your army?

Help us in this time of need.

Religious intolerance


Why are we judged from a high-rise place?

We humble sinners without ‘grace’.

Condemned in eloquent tongue,

people like us who humbly work on.

They speak about death, destruction, war and plight.

How God will punish us, as wayward followers of light.

I listen as my poor heart aches, for a non-judgmental God who gently waits.

My God is compassionate, loving, accepting, forgiving,

Not exclusive to some but for all living.



Seek happiness and it may elude you.

Seek peace and happiness will follow


We Talk Late into the evening…….

Some thoughts on hope…please share


We talk late into the evening about our world and how it is rapidly changing.


I look into your tired eyes and see my own anguish.

Wrapped up like cotton wool, unaware that human security can no longer keep me safe.

You tell me of a time gripped in fear, robbery, muggings, rape murder.

Thoughts numbed by drunken laughter, stumbling home, damp beds, vomit, empty chatter.

It is the endless noise that I find hardest.

I think of the birthing innocents of spring, sea’s whispering breeze, bees humming.


Reprise, a moment, nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts in this man made world of synthetic screens, credit cards, neon lights.

Worried faces going nowhere.


Gentle nature, crumbling into a massive heap of concrete matter.

I cannot think.

It is easier to forget, ignore the truth.

I retreat within in search of peace.


A quiet perfect sanctuary.

I can as yet still go…

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We Talk Late into the evening…….

We Talk Late into the evening……..

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