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I long for silence solitude in the dark night’s peace

When Christmas’s indulgences release my bloated body into soft deep sleep.


Be at peace my FB friends, in Wind Rain and Snow


Be at peace my  friends, in wind, rain and snow.

In this season of Good -Will,

I wish you happiness and laughter,

so that the power of Love can flourish and grow.

With love now and always

Marie Therese

Life is made of magic moments….


Life is made of Magic moments

And times of  love and laughter.

You and I together.

Wild wind.

White foaming sea.

Exuberant jubilant, winter weather.

Happy Christmas Everyone.

Wherever you are, may  may this season of Good -Will bless you, keep you safe and warm.

With lots of love,

Now and always

Marie Therese

The River


The River

I see the river flowing and realise my unworthiness, flesh on bones sleeping soul.

And O how it is gushing forth, white yellow earth and water foaming, growing.

I awaken, every part of me inhales the rivers force.

With exuberance I yell

I am alive.

The river flows, the wind blows.

Upturned earth and tousled hair, live breathing sensation.

I am alive.

What joy.

I am alive.

A miracle of creation

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