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Hoi An, located in the Quang Nam Povince, is home to approximately 120,000 inhabitants. In the 1st Century it is the largest harbor in Southern Asia.

From 1st to the 10th Century the Cham people lived here and call it Lam An Pho or Champa City. They accumulate great wealth by controlling the spice trade.

In 1985, Hoi An becomes a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, as an exceptional well preserved example of a South – East Asian trading Port.

Today, tourists cram its busy streets walking through Japanese and Chinese houses, Temples and Bridges dating as far back as the 15th Century.


Photo: Japanese Covered Bridge

In 1590 the Japanese community construct a bridge, cover it and protect it with several Monkey Gods. This bridge connects the Japanese to the Chinese community who live on the other side of  a tributary of the Thu Bon River


Photo: Monkey Gods who sit at either end of the covered Japanese Bridge protection. Paul inside the Japanese covered bridge

Next is the Tan Ky House.It  is built in the 18th century by a family of Chinese Vietnamese who remain there since its origins and preserve it lovingly through the years.

Three family members still live there.


Photo: Tan Ky House

Note to self


Hoi An is Heaven on Earth for shopaholics like me. While I have a few extra bob to satisfy my earthly desires I do not have the foresight to have an empty suitcase!

 There is absolutely nothing whatsoever you cannot buy or get made here. Beautifully tailored suits and shirts, handmade shoes, belts, scarves, wide flowing satin and silk pants in affordable prices.

The only problem is the instance of the merchants selling in the market, they are at times unfortunately, a bit pushy but hey that’s tourism for ya!

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