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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Fly on the Wall.”

In response to Daily Post’s writing prompt if I could be a ‘ Fly on the Wall anywhere in the world, it would be

Hotel Siagon Morin.


Built in 1901 by the French businessman Mr Bogota, the hotel is the first in Central Vietnam.

1907 it is owned and upgraded by the Morin brothers and in 1945 it reaches its peak with 72 rooms, restaurant, cinema, grocery and library. It plays a major role as the centre of French community.

1946 it becomes a shelter for French army and French civilians during the Anti- French colonisation movement rising.

1954 Geneva agreement is signed and the French leave Vietnam.

1957 the hotel is confiscated and is used as a House of Hue University where it became the hub of anti – South Vietnam government movement of the students in Hue.

In the ‘Tet Offensive ‘of 1968 and the streets and buildings around the Morin Hotel witness dramatic events during the battle for Hue city. 1904 it is damaged by a typhoon and is transferred to Mr Guerin who renames it The Grand Hotel of Hue.


From reunification in 1975 until 1988 the hotel continues to House Hue University and was a favourite amongst back packers.

In 1997 the hotel is restored to its former glory.

Today, it is acknowledged as one of the most luxurious in Hue.

When  I stayed  in this hotel  earlier this year I wondered  if only the walls could talk what stories they would tell.


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