Smile! You’re at the best site ever

In Ho Chi Minh City, we visit the Old Saigon Post Office and The Norte Dame Cathedral. It is fantastic. We are thoroughly enjoying ourselves.

We are on holidays.

We are tourists.

Then we visit Reunification palace with its fabulous luxury, recent past and its role in the American /Vietnam War.

It is still Ok. Life goes on.

IMG_2383 IMG_2368

Then God helps us, we spend many hours in the war memorial museum.


It is one the most harrowing experience I ever felt.

All I can say is that Auschwitz paled in comparison in demonstrating the capacity we have as humans, to be cruel.

A poem I wrote several years ago and Blogged earlier in the year comes to mind.

I call it war and it goes like this:


Peace be with you.

My peace I give you and all around the bombs abound.

Scattered bodies lie everywhere,

Broken, their spirits spent.

Mother’s son’s squandered youth, lies wasting in earth’s weed.

And what of life?

This gift pawned for another’s mans greed.

We sit like zombies, eyes fixed on synthetic screen.

Like maggots, we play with decay.

Barren ground splattered with oil and blood.

O peace where is Your army?

Help us in our time of need.




Next, we are traveling to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

I dare not complain.

I will share my experiences with you in the next post.


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