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I believe, every journey begins with a single step and this step is more enjoyable when it is shared with a friend.

It would be a great honor if you allowed me to be your travelling companion.  In the beginning, evaluation of self can be frightening. I will be there for you out here in cyberspace every Wednesday, encouraging you to celebrate who you are. There is no one quite like you, anywhere in the world. Not just your quirks and failings but your gifts as well.

Together, we will find ways that will help you to discover your own potential as well as considering the beliefs that are harmful to your health.We will begin by  looking  at the inner dialogue that chatters consistently inside the mind.This internal babbling is like a black, rather than a white noise.

Note to self

You know, what white noise is? Right?

One of the therapists in the building where I work has this little silver machine that emulates the sound of the sea. This in therapeutic circles is known as white noise, the sounds of which are really nice and relaxing. As my friend Cathy says ‘I Love the sea, me’. Anyway, you get my drift, the sound of waves and sea gulls have a comforting and calming effect on your nervous system.

Unfortunately black noise has the opposite effect to white noise. Black noise has a distressing effect.  You know all the negative messages we give ourselves like I’m not good enough, and the rest of that crap.  Black noise literally drains  the life energy from our souls. Black noise incapacitates  our ability to find peace, contentment and happiness.

Right now, we will  stop this sabotage. Today, on Day 1 of the inner journey finding the real me, we will identify the black noise in our lives and obliterate it into oblivion.

We will begin with a bit of therapeutic art work, in other words draw a stick man with voice balloons .

The little stick man will allow us to gently look at all the negative mental messages we give ourselves.

I hope you will not find this exercise too demanding. I want to stress that it is only a stepping stone on the way towards health and well-being. Don’t forget to allow time for the breathing and relaxation techniques given at the end of this post.

OK so here goes

  • First, draw your picture of a stick body with voice balloons.
  • In each balloon, write down any negative beliefs you may have, or heard, about yourself.
  • One way of doing this is to imagine yourself in the past in a situation in which you felt uncomfortable. What were you doing? What feelings are emerging? What can you hear yourself saying?
  • Record these messages on a piece of paper and when you are ready, place them in the balloons around the stick figure.

When you have finished, stand back and look at your creation without analyzing or judging and with great tenderness  for self.

Allow your mind to recover by starting the following breathing exercise.

  • Bring your attention to the rise and fall of your chest as you breathe in and out.
  • Slow your breathing down by inhaling deeply to the count of 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10.
  • Then exhale noisily through your mouth, sighing deeply.
  • Continue to breathe in through your noise and out through your mouth for 10 breath.
  • Return to normal breathing in and out through your nose allowing your mind to settle on the rise and fall of your chest.
  • Imagine that you are breathing in good energy and light which is soothing and healing and with every exhalation, you are letting go of the tension and stress caused by the black noise.
  • Continue breathing until you feel the exhaustive energy seep out of your body.

Then, when you are ready softly and  gently through half closed eyes gaze at your stick man again.

Imagine that you have been given an angel body. You are flying above, looking down at yourself. You are full of compassion  for the body that is burdened with black nose.

What messages have you got for the person who drew the stick finger?

Listen carefully.

Often messages of Love are whispered so softly you have to really concentrate on straining your sense to hear.

Note to self

A group of men lay huddled together petrified and full of self-loathing. They had abandoned their guru to a brutal, humiliating and public execution. They were terrified that the same fate awaited them.

If they could have drafted the Stick Figure that you have just done, I guess it would have been pretty appalling.

Then, ‘The Advocate’ came bearing gifts of courage, knowledge wonder and awe, right judgement, wisdom and understanding and the ability to communicate  to others, in any language.

 Their Advocate came with fire.



Ours will come as a whisper that can only be heard in silence.

Which brings us onto Day 2: The Inward Journey: Finding silence?



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