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She pranced around the disheveled kitchen with the movement of a graceful panther.  Locked into her domestic world of dirty dishes and smelly bums, a shiver runs through her shattered body as she remembers another time when it was not like this. In the distance she hears the children playing. 

“Mummy, Mummy, Henry hit me”   How could she conceive such a plain child she thought idly as she listened to her daughter’s laments?  In truth, her daughter was not plain but a “hearty” child with plump rosy cheeks and straight brown hair.  Her eyes were of the palest blue. The innocent intensity of the child’s stare upset her mother.

“Don’t stare like that child”, she said too often and then scolded herself for instilling submission into her daughter.

God, she thought if I don’t watch it she will turn out like me.  She pondered about her life and wondered if it could have been different.

Sound familiar?

Note to self


Yup I have been there

 In the past I spent hours regretting by inapt mothering skills.

Now that I am wiser, I am much easier on myself.

Usually my negatively was brought on by exhaustion.

All I needed was a break.

The break did not require that I leave the situation I was in. All that was required of me was to become still, take a big deep breath and tackle each task one step at a time. And, as we said on Day 7 any activity – even the most tortuous task like cleaning a filthy kitchen laden with grease and dirt or emptying out that closet of  full junk, requires  far less effort and struggle when  practiced in a Mindful way and the reason for this is so obvious that we often overlook the simple truth that;

  • A focused mind is still
  • A still mind is relaxed
  • Relaxed muscles respond more effectively to than those in a tense state.

The question remains,  how can we transport a focused still mind to help us tackle the jobs we hate?

Cleaning Kitchens is my least preferred task of all time. Give me a bathroom any day at least you can see your results and they stay cleaner for longer! I find that my kitchen can be – if I am not mindful,a  places where my mind wallows in self-pity,  playing  the judgmental blaming  game which absolutely and totally exhausts my body.

So today, I am asking you to join me on a holiday as we tackle the cleaning chores. Notice I did not say ours or your cleaning chores I said the cleaning chores because we do not own them, rather it is just something that requires our attention should we decide to do it.

And the wonderful thing is this, if we give the task our full attention it will be energizing.

OK, let’s get started.

  • Set aside a time for this task, say 30 minutes or so. The time you allocate depends on your own circumstances but from my own personal experience with kitchens little and often, works best for me!
  • Put on the kettle/ pot and boil up the water.
  • Find a basin or bucket and pour the water in
  • Add liquid soap
  • Put the cloth/ mop/sponge into the water
  • Wring out the mop and start to move it over any surface removing grease and dirt as you go.
  • Clean off suds with a dry cloth.
  • Do not allow your mind to wander on the next task at hand, instead keep it focused on the activity of washing and drying an area as you move your hand along.

A Final Note to self

I better get started, my kitchen as I write is a mess so I better practice what I preach!

As my Guru Korko Moses  said to me in India last year, there are no  bad or good tasks. There are just tasks. Work that needs to be done. It is our mind that judges them, not us as we truly are.

So have a great week you guys as we continue our journey discovering the Real Me.

See ya next Monday,



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