Smile! You’re at the best site ever


It is Easy. All that is required is 5 more minutes under the warm covers and a few stretching exercises.

If you do this I promise you will feel differently about the day ahead.

So let us begin the stretching exercise now;

  • Imagine that you are a Big Lazy Cats wriggling and stretching in the bed without any effort whatsoever
  • Stretch your arms upwards towards the sky as far as you can, hold it there for a few moments and relax
  • Link your fingers together, turn them round, and stretch
  • Turn your arms around upwards and outwards with your fingers interlocked together and stretch, hold and relax
  • Allow,your arms to hang loosely by your side as you  stretch your legs out straight, really feel the pull as you stretch as far as you can go, hold and relax
  • Next, stretch your legs outwards as far as the bed will allow, hold and relax
  • Lie on your back with your head on the pillow and your face looking up towards the sky and smile, bring your lips right back until all your teeth are exposed in a big broad smile, hold and relax
  • Extend your tongue out as far as you possibly can, stretching reaching to the bottom of your chin, hold and relax
  • You are almost done, it’s time to get up but before you do, imagine a beautiful light shining  on the crown of your head flowing  through your spine, lighting up every cell in your body from your head to your toes and back up again, energizing  you, preparing you for the day ahead.
  • You are alive.
  • Give thanks for this day.
  • Allow your feet to slide out onto the floor, spread your toes wide and feel the roots growing out from your feet anchoring you to the rich brown earth.
  • Hold yourself  still few moments and connect with the life force that is sustaining you and give thanks
  • Allow yourself to unite in gratitude with all creation, as you go about to meet the day.

Note to self

Have a great Monday you guys.

If I am to late with this post and you are already up out and at it, or you have invested in the High Voltage Ejector bed, try the exercise tomorrow and the day after that as well.

Its a great way to meet the day no matter what challenges are waiting for you in life.

It all about the start really.

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