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As my Irish Mother used to say.

Friends are like flowers if you do not water them, they will die.

And now I am off with ‘me watering can’ next Wednesday to meet and old college friend face to face.

My next post will be on Thursday instead of Wednesday this week.

I hope that is OK with you?

I need to spend time in stillness.

I need to  share  my ideas face to face with significant others , so that I can give the  next few posts   my best shot!

Being kind of a ‘happy chappy’ type of person it is not always easy for me to talk and subsequently write about, growing through  emotional turmoil.

These topics are the stuff of the midweek posts, its not for a Monday.

Monday is rise and shine time.

Have a good one you guys.

This post is written with tons of best wishes, blessings and love,

from me,


Comments on: "On this August Monday, your Irish Mammy says….. Take your Time and meet a Friend Today." (2)

  1. So true. The internet and cell phones get in the way and seem to take place of the face-to-face contact we all really need. Happy Monday!

    • Its true. Strange thing happened to me after writing this post. A friend that I have not met in person for ages contacted me after reading my post. How lovely was that and yes our conversation was a lot deep than the usual ‘like’. Thanks for your comment. I sure do appreciate it:-) Best wishes, Marie Therese

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