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Clicking into Good Vibrations is easy when you know how. The secret  of course is to shut down the overactive  mind and connect with the body.

You don’t even have to get out of bed to do this exercise, you can just lie there under the covers with  your feet on the floor.

  • Imagine that there are roots growing from your feet extending down into the deep rich brown earth, grounding and connecting you to all living things below.
  • Then, picture a beautiful golden rainbow shining on your head and flowing down through your body like river of energy and light, connecting and energizing you from the heavens above.
  • Breathe in this this ray of light, slowly,  allow it to permeate into every cell and tissue in your body.
  • Feel this energy as it heals, revitalizes and baths  clean,every negative thought and action.
  • All fear is becomes you breath in the Good Vibrations
  • Slowly stretch and reach for the sky and greet the day and smile
  • A new day has begun, it is yours for the taking.
  • Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow may never come so enjoy this day.
  • Have a good one you guys.
  • See you on Wednesday – Hurrah!!

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