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Welcome back to the Journey of Forgiveness. Today we are going to look at exercises that provide an opportunity to acknowledge the life force within your body— in particular, any negativity you may have about yourself or other significant people in your lives, any deeply embedded hurts.

These exercises include the following

  • Pound a mattress with your fists, feet, elbows or knees and ankles.
  • Scream into a pillow.
  • Turn up your favourite music in the car and sing with it at the top of your voice (close the windows first!) or alternatively sing loudly when mowing the lawn or trimming the hedge (make sure it’s a noisy mower!)
  • Sing for no reason, or join a choir and participate in sacred songs.
  • Go for a long walk or a run and talk to yourself on the way.
  • Laugh at least once a day. Laughter does not need a reason, but telling jokes is a good way to get started.
  • Dig holes in the sand or in a sandbox, if you prefer, and entertain some children in the process.
  • Dig holes in the earth and plant shrubs. Weeding is great.
  • Dress up in clown’s clothes and paint your face. Do it with a friend and clown around.

At times incredible anger can well up deep from within, and overflow into our behavior, manifesting itself in fits of exasperation and rage.

Alternatively, internalization of negativity festers  away destroying  bodies and minds

Utilizing the Energy Exercises described above provide an opportunity to express and release any destructive emotional tempestuousness energy that may have become trapped in the body over the years.

Note to self.


I never ask anyone to do anything that I have not experienced myself.

Honestly guys, not only  are these exercise mighty at releasing frustration they are also great fun.

So in the next few days, pick out one or two that appeal to you and as they say here in the West of Ireland. ‘ Go for it a Gra!!‘ 

See you Next Monday DV

Hugs and love


Comments on: "Day 12: The Inward Journey: Using Forgiveness & Energy Exercises to Release Negative Emotions such as Anger and Hate" (2)

  1. I’m going to do one of these, and soon. I have a lot of frustration lately to let out. I try to in my Bootcamp classes, but end up crying, in class. Thank you for this! I sure needed it. Always with light and love my dear!

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