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I am always humbled when it comes to writing about gratitude as there are so many good books out there on this subject. I remember being given a beautiful pink hardback book for my birthday many years ago. It was called ‘Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy’ by Sarah Ban Breathnach. I loved it. Instantly, I started the exercises with abandon and quickly found that my life had become easier and less stressful.I never got to meet Sarah in person but her written word changed my life , just as I hope this blog will change yours as I encourage you to start with  A Gratitude Awareness Diary ,if only for a week or so. Watch and see what happens. I promise you will start to feel better so much so that gratitude awareness become part of your day.

First let me explain what I mean by A Gratitude Awareness Diary.

A gratitude awareness diary is a daily record of everything good in your life. When you write about what is good in your life your mind will have to acknowledge that there is in fact much in this life to be grateful for. To live, to breath, to see, to hear, touch, and taste. When you open your eyes to really look and your ears to really listen this beautiful planet in which you live will reveal it-self to you.

The Preparation.

Setting time aside for preparation of your Diary will turn it into a celebration, marking a new beginning. Often the best plan goes to waste because it never gets past the thinking stage. The first thing you will need to acquire is a diary. In your quest for the nicest diary you can find, observe the fabric and design of the cover, as well as the texture of the paper. Remember that one of the most important lessons in gratitude is accepting and savouring the smallest details of life.

Before you begin, decide when you are going to write in this diary. Allotting some time each day to write in your journal is setting a routine in place for your practice of gratitude. Find a time that suits best and stick to it. This is the first basic step of journal keeping.

The Exercise

When you start writing in you gratitude journal, don’t stop — keep your hand moving. Motion prevents you from getting stuck and slipping back into negativity. Write about whatever it is that makes you feel happy. You can start by writing down your name. My name is … and it stands for…. Or write about some other topic that interests you, reflecting on your personal development and growth. It is important not to stop to think, cross out or worry about spelling or writing, as that will tap into the logical, critical part of your brain, which will provide you with too many contradictions to what is written. First thoughts can be inspirational. The present is imbued with abundant life force. It is alive and pulsating with rhythm.

Allow yourself to become absorbed in your creation. This helps you to remain in the present moment and prevents you from thinking about the past. If you find yourself slipping back into misery, relax and go with that negativity, but view it gently and with compassion. Start writing about something you have learned through this experience.

When you participate in the Gratitude Awareness Diary you are choosing to see life differently. When we choose to be grateful, we are paying attention to what is good and right, and ignoring what is not. We do not necessarily need something for which to be grateful — only the desire to feel grateful.

You can start by thinking of things for which you are thankful, and eventually you will learn how to live and enjoy the moment. Living in the now provides you with the opportunity to experience in a real way the wonder of every living moment.

Note to Self


A friend of mine, whom I will refer to as Patricia, kept a Gratitude Awareness Diary and I have included part of it, for your perusal. Before participating in this ‘exercise’ my friend  assumed that the grouchy’ next- door neighbour was avoiding her, but when she observe him through the transformed eyes of compassion, love and gratitude she observed that he was an incredibly shy man who wanted to get to know her better.

Patricia’s, Gratitude Awareness Diary.

DATE 10th August. 2014.

Hello there diary,

Today is my Birthday……I am 36 years old and for some strange reason I feel great. Normally, this isn’t such a great day for me …well not since my twenty fifth birthday party anyway, when I fell off the chair in the restaurant and pulled the tablecloth off in the process. Looking back now I can observe the funny side of it, especially when that gorgeous Italian waiter fell on top of me, if only I had laughed about it instead of running off home…..what a waste …a well such is life….maybe we would have got married, had loads of kids and we would both be ….but stop Patricia if you did that then you would have never met Harry next door….WHAT A DREAM GUY and to think …..He has been living next door for two years and we never even spoke until recently. And how soft and ‘chocolatey’ his voice is and the way his eyes twinkle when he smiles. Honestly girl, you sound like a kid in love, what’s wrong with you.

Stop Patricia, you are in love not just with the guy next door, but with life. Well maybe a little with him ….but hey he is a boy and I’m a girl, were both single and it’s a free country, right….what the hell it could be fun and even if…..

Stop Patricia, yea I know live for the moment and enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment it’s a beautiful wet windy day outside and I am going out right now to splash in the puddles.

Thank God for that big coat Mum bought me. It’s funny it’s been sitting in the wardrobe for years and I never had the opportunity to wear it

Mightn’t wear it to the office, but it’s great in the wind and rain.


So until tomorrow diary keep me posted on the good stuff and nudge me awake when I forget what life is really about.

Love you and Me Lots,


P.S. Have a great day

Final Note to Self

Interesting Huh!

Enjoy your day

Back on Monday with The Irish Mammy’s positive vibe!

Have a great week you guys




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