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BondHolders 2 1How old would YOU be, if you didn’t know your chronological numerical age?

Mitch Albom in his beautiful book called The Time Keeper tells a compelling fable about the first man on Earth to count time, thereby creating  the world’s first clock.The consequences of his actions makes for thought provoking reading.

Time,we measure our lives by it.  The clock is  always ticking .

And if  we allow it to happen, time will imprisoned us, define us and eventually age us.

Let us ask ourselves this morning , what is age? Is it a number of years we have lived,  or is it the measure of a person’s worth based on life experience?

When we become adults we learn to act our age and behave accordingly.

So I will say to you this Morning, don’t do it.

Every so often let go of your adult self and become  whatever age you feel and if this age is a young child all the better, time obsession will allude you

As the good book says’ unless ye become like little children you shall not enter the Kindgom of Heaven'( Matthew 13:8)


Have a great one you guys

Hugs and love


Comments on: "Morning Guys it’s your Irish Mammy here with question for you to think about before you get out of bed!" (2)

  1. Great one hun, Thanks & you have a fab day too! What time do you arise now btw? C xx

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