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IMG_0855You are not listening to me when….

You do not care about me

You say you understand before you know me well enough

You have an answer for my problem before I’ve finished telling you what my problem is.


You cut me off before I’ve finished speaking

You find me boring and don’t tell me

You feel critical of my grammar, vocabulary or accent

You are dying to tell me something

You tell me about your experience making mine seem unimportant

You are communicating with someone else in the room

You refuse my thanks saying you  haven’t done anything.


You ARE listening when…..

You come quietly into my private world and allow me to be me

You really try to understand me even when I am not making much sense

You grasp my point of view even when it goes against your own sincere convictions

You realise the time I have taken from you has left you  a bit tired and a bit drained.


You allow me the dignity of making my own decisions, even though you think they may be wrong

You don’t take my problem from me, but allow me to deal with it in my own way

You hold back your desire to give good advice when you sense I am not ready for it

You give me enough room to discover for myself what is going on.


You accept my gift of gratitude by saying how good it makes you feel to know that you’ve been helpful.


Note to self


When I first read this I shivered,.

With all the best intentions in the world I do not  always listen .

Forgive my transgressions 


Comments on: "Hi guys, feeling very humble indeed on this wet Monday Morning." (4)

  1. This is really true. Having a listening ear is a very important aspect in building relationships with one another yet it’s often overlooked. If only we would do to others what we would want them to do to us. The part about having an answer for my problem before I finish telling you what it is.. it so puts me off

  2. […] words hit me as I read through a post. It hit me because I can identify with it all too clearly. For every relationship (parent-child, […]

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