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IMG_1099Thich Nhat Hanh( 2013) in his book The Art of Communicating notes that the 1st and most important declaration of Love, is to be therefor someone .Nothing he adds, is more important than your presence and we do not even have to say anything all we have to do, is to be there fully present in the moment as you repeat the  mantra  silently to self’ I am here for you’  (page 75).

These  words of the holy man Thich Nhat  Hanh  echoed in my sleep during  the night and I wondered if I can as your Irish Mammy, be truly present for you as you read this post?

Do my moments of sharing  cheer you up at the start of a working week?

It was my intention at the start of my journey into the miraculous two years ago, to help you  to come home to your true self. Then in July this year the Irish Mammy appeared and I started blogging about her. Perhaps it was to do with our wet summer and her appearance was like a ray of sunlight in an endless stream of wet  summer days. I sense   that  the blogs from  Mammy are not my own, they evolve during my slumber and flow onto the page on Monday morning, bumps, errors and all. The truth of the matter is that it is a wonderful experience for me as I imagine you reading this Monday morning post.

The idea of  launching a separate blog for The Irish Mammy is now on the cards. I believe she is, you are and I am worth it. So all comments and suggestions are welcome.

I have loads of old remedies and cures as well as tips on mindfulness, healthy living and reflexology from my experience of working with groups over the years and am more than delighted to share them all with you. Mammy might have other ideas however we will just have to wait and see.

Note to self

In the meantime be well my friends.

Thank you for reading this post and have a great week



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