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IMG_0026My mother, when she was alive  had this game that I loved. She called it ‘ Sharing Love’s Love’. She believed that it benefited the receiver and giver in equal measure, once the intention is given from a pure heart filled with love. My mother encouraged us kids to to do this often for our health and happiness and we did. We preferred to call it, Spreading The Love. I’m not sure how it works, I just know that it does and it only takes a few moments.

Here is how it goes:

Picture in your minds eye  someone that you may have not seen for awhile. It may be a friend or family member. It might be someone  you admire but have not met in person. It could even be someone you are having difficulty with at the moment. It does not  matter who the person is, all you have to do. is wish them well.

Next, visualize  the person sitting in front of you, facing you. Allow yourself to relax into the picture in your imagination. Feel the sensations of good -will seeping through your body flowing out from your heart toward the person sitting in the chair opposite you. Allow yourself to really experience the feeling of love that is flowing through you and when you are ready, imagine yourself saying silently to that person.

‘May you be happy’

‘May you be well’

Then, imagine yourself sitting in the chair, once again  allow yourself to really experience the feeling of love that is flowing through you and smile repeating the words  saying silently to yourself

‘May I be happy’

‘May I be well’

This is a fun life enhancing exercise  to do anytime, anywhere but especially today  on a wet Monday Morning in the middle of December

Note to self

Have a great Monday you guys 

Hugs and love



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