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It is Monday! It is January! Its your Irish Mammy saying let’s check ourselves out this morning! Are you holding stress anywhere in your body ? and if so how the hell can you get rid of Stress ASAP

IMG_1319 OK, so its January and you have no money. Is there an easy D.I. Y  health check I can do for free?. The answer is, Yes.

 Many people choose to do the Body Scanning as a D.I.Y health check  because it requires little or no effort. In the exercise described below, you simply mentally scan your body for stress or disease.

Getting Started

  • Sit down on a chair or lie on a bed and make yourself comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and imagine that you are scanning your body. Some people like to imagine that there is a beam of light sweeping over the body, checking for ‘tense spots’. Others prefer to ask, ‘Where am I tense?’ Do whichever suits you best.
  • Whenever you discover a tense spot, exaggerate it slightly so that it rises to the level of personal consciousness. If you do this several times, you will become more aware of where tension is stored in your body

It is important to realise and accept that no matter how stressed or sick you feel the body is constantly trying to find ways to restore natural balance

All we have to do is to relax, let go and be still. Sounds too simple to be true? Believe me, its not. No matter how stressed or sick you are, any form of  relaxation  will help to restore your body to a healthier way of living.

If you are stressed ask yourself what are you going to do about it?

Just for today, let us escape for a few moments and daydream. If you are feeling guilty about daydreaming why not give it posh therapeutic name and call it Visualisation Relaxation (V.R.)?

Practicing V.R

  • Begin by imagining a relaxing scene.
  • The peaceful scene can be a soft white beach; a glistening stream in the forest; a walk in the mountains; a calm lake; a cosy turf fire on a wet and windy night. Allow your imagination free rein as you become absorbed in the fantasy of your own making.
  • Here is one example of a peaceful scene I have used it from time to time. Sometimes, I use the sound of the waves and seagulls in the background to heighten the effect. If you like I can guide you through it now.
  • Let us begin…….
    • You are walking along a beautiful deserted beach.
    • It is a sunny summer’s day.
    • You are wading barefoot on the soothing white shore.
    • The sand  feels warm and soft underfoot as you tread, gazing out at the beautiful turquoise sea.
    • Hear the sound of the waves as they crash onto the rocks.
    • Feel their hypnotic sound seeping into you, relaxing you, soothing you.
    • Overhead, the seagulls are flying — their circular movements mesmerise and enchant.
    • Gaze at the seagulls  flying in the summer sun, their reflection shimmering against the pale cotton-clouded blue sky. The more you watch them, the heavier and more relaxed your eyes become.
    • Inhale deeply, drawing serenity and peace into your body.

This scene is described in language that appeals to all the senses, including hearing, touch, taste and smell, as well as the sense of sight.

Using multi-sensuous language like this increases the potency of the scene, which compels you to hold onto the image for longer, and so enables you to experience it as if you were actually there.

Note to self 

Have a great weeks you guys until we meet again Next Monday Morning

Stay well. 

Look after yourself and each other.






IMG_1319It is this time of year again!Everyone around me at the moment is feeling lethargic, suffering from some sort of  flu. It is  cold,dark and wet outside. Death has claimed friends and loved ones including the beloved David Bowie. I did not know him. Nonetheless, I loved him. He was my hero and the world is a lesser place without him. My mother -being the eternal optimist, would say that the world is a better place because of him.

Like many people in Ireland back in the day, my mother also swore that  pepper in boiled milk was great for you if you were suffering from ‘sniffles’, colds or flu.

The following cure I am about to tell you about is a fantastic ‘ pick me upper’ when you are feeling awful. It  is a modification of this old original cure.  I am suggesting using Cayenne pepper instead of the ordinary fine white pepper and water instead of milk.  Be warned however it is shocking hard to take!!

You will need

  • Two teaspoons of dried Cayenne Pepper. You can buy this in any local shop.
  • Water, distilled or boiled.


  • Put two teaspoon of cayenne pepper into a glass
  • Add a small amount of hot or cold water and drink down in one gulp. Some people prefer it hot. I prefer the water to be cold
  • Follow immediately with a glass of cold water.

The cayenne pepper works by dilating the blood vessels. When the capillaries are dilated oxygen and other nutrients are released and is absorbed into the body thereby enhancing the body ability to recovery from the infection.


 This remedy may not suit when  you are taking medications and if you are worried about any aspect of your health whatsoever, check with your own health practitioner before taking Cayenne Pepper.

Note to self

Have a great one you guys.

Stay warm.

If you are brave or sick enough, try taking the Cayenne Pepper in water.

Believe me when I tell you it works. It really does and fast. Once you have taken it you will start to perspire, thereby reducing your temperature and returning your body back to its natural state of homeostasis.  

Hugs and love on this Monday.


Emotional Reflexology: Date for your Diary 6th February 2016.

Foot - MAINHave you ever observed how clients can become emotional during or after  reflexology?

If your answer to this question is yes, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it is important for us as therapists to have the necessary knowledge and skills to treat emotional issues that can arise during a reflexology session.

Let me introduce myself, My name is Marie Therese Shelly and for the past thirty years I have worked as a reflexologist as well  facilitating courses  in positive self-awareness, reflexology and health.

Above all I love people, I love to talk and I loves to listen. I am not just all talk however, most of the information presented on this accredited CPD course on Emotional Reflexology comes my experience as a therapist working with different groups, my qualifications in nursing, midwifery, psychology, education and reflexology, as well as my research and understanding into mindfulness, meditation  and natural remedies that I have acquired over the years.

My next course on Emotional Reflexology is in Galway on 6th February but hurry as places are limited. The maximum number of participants that can attend is ten

The emphasis of the course, is to provide a safe warm nurturing space which allows time for individual attention as well as the identification of specific reflexology point.

The outline of the day is as follows;

  • There will be a lecture from 10.00 am until 11.00.In this presentation we will first examine some of the main reflexology points and ruminate what emotions we would put next to them. Then we consider how we-as reflexologists, can help our clients to work through specific emotional conditions that appear frequently in our practice as well as practical suggestions and remedies for health, that our clients can do at home.
  • Lunchtime is from 1 to 2. We have access to our own kitchen where complimentary soup and sandwiches are provided.
  • The afternoon begins at 2pm with a guided meditation, in progressive relaxation.
  • This is followed by more practical work and suggestions for follow up self-care for therapists.
  • The day end with time for Questions and Answers.

Because the emphases is on practical reflexology, it is advisable to wear something comfortable, bring a pillow and blanket and a reflexology chair if you have one, if not one will be provided for you. Course notes are also provided on the day.

If you would like to know more please do not hesitate to  e mail

With very best wishes,

Marie Therese


Good Morning guys its your Irish Mammy here with Deep Breathing exercise to invigorate you on this Monday morning in January .

IMG_1319This exercise  will only take a moment of your time and I promise you will feel better after it. If you are already at work read it several times to yourself  and then practice it when you get a chance throughout the day.

And it goes like this…..

  • Sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Allow your body to relax and be still
  • Allow the muscles on your chest, neck and shoulders soften and lengthen
  • Allow yourself to focus on your breathing
  • Gently close your mouth and allow the air to flow in and out through your nose, breathing in one nostril and out the other.
  • Become aware of the rise and fall of your chest as the air flows in and out of your body.
  • Allow the breath to become slower, softer, and deeper.
  • Place both your hands gently on your abdomen and feel it rise as you inhale and fall as you exhale.
  • Say to yourself: ‘I am breathing in goodness and light, and breathing out any pollution that is trapped in my body.
  • Inhale and feel the life giving breath traveling down to the pit of your abdomen
  • Exhale and feel the breath flowing upwards and out of your body releasing it into the air to be cleansed by ‘Mother Nature’
  • Stay connected to the sensations and feelings in your body as you breathe in and out slowly and deliberately
  • Give permission for your body to relax and let go as you
    • Breathe in harmony
    • Breathe out conflict
    • Breathe in energy
    • Breathe out exhaustion
    • Breathe in joy
    • Breathe out sadness
    • Breathe in mercy
    • Breathe out criticism
    • Breathe in compassion
    • Breathe out judgement
    • Breathe in love
    • Breathe out animosity
    • Breathe in health
    • Breathe out disease
    • Focus on breathing in joy and love
    • Allow your breath to assist your healing as you sigh and let go of all that troubles you.
  • Return to normal breathing as you gently focus on the rise and fall of your chest without comment or judgement.
  • Allow your body to be quiet and still
  • Allow your mind to be quiet still and silent
  • Allow yourself to become more and more relaxed as you focus on your breathing, without any effort whatsoever.
  • Allow yourself to become completely still as your body relaxes deeper and deeper and remain that way for as long as you can, even if it is only for a few moments. Even this will be enough.
  • Then, open the palms of your hands and imagine your fingers reaching to the heat and energy of the sun, and returning to you refreshed.
  • Listen to the sounds around you, and allow your ears to extend as far as the farthest whispering of the universe, returning to you refreshed.
  • Stretch and inhale the aromas that are surrounding you. Now, let your senses move out from your immediate experience to all scents of the planet, and return to you refreshed.

Take a deep breath and  smile and stretch and when you are ready resume your normal  activities  revitalized and ready to meet the challenges of the day.

Note to self

Have a great one you guys

Hugs and love



To rent: Stunning 3 bed, 2 bath apt in the Algarve, less than 100 meters from a soft sandy beach

portugal beachThis deceptively spacious, centrally located, top floor apartment is part of a renovated traditional Portuguese house situated on a cobbled street in the center of the fishing village Burgau.  A hidden gem surrounded restaurants and local shops, taverns and bars on the way down to the beach makes for a fun filled, hassle free, beach holiday.When you open the front door of Casa Shelly you are welcomed by a cool lounge area with 2 double patio doors which open onto 2 small balconies either side with a BBQ area making it an ideal spot to relax after spending a few hours on the beach

IMG_3071IMG_3069Inside Casa Shelly the traditional Portuguese theme is maintained. Even the paintings on the walls are from local artists. The emphasis is comfort and style.

Casa Shelly also boasts of:

  • 3 spacious Bedrooms – 2 bedrooms  with large 6 foot double beds and 1 bedroom  with 2 single beds;
  • Kitchen with gas cooker and oven, microwave, coffee peculator, dishwasher and washing machine;
  • 2 separate self-contained bathrooms
  • lounge/diner with 2 double sofas and marble table in old traditional Portuguese style
  • Flat screen TV with all channels
  • Wi-Fi and the use of a laptop if needed

IMG_3060photo 1 (1) - CopyIMG_3072

If you like to hear more about renting  Casa Shelly  please do not hesitate to e mail Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.


Hi Guys! Your Irish Mammy want’s to know if you have made any New Year’s Resolutions? Now what kind of a question is that it ask on a Monday Morning ?

IMG_1613It is still dark outside.

This morning I have come to the realization that it is time to STOP all this resolution business. Even the very word resolve gives me the shivers as I always  associate it with determination and control. It is true isn’t it, most New Year’s resolutions go like this: On the 1st of January, we promise to go to give up things that are bad for us starting at midnight and continuing for the entire year!  Sounds familiar? Yup, I have been there.Unfortunately, most of us including my good self, break this promise  after a day or so and feel rotten for letting myself down!

Have you ever wondered why these New Years’ resolutions do not work out for us?  In scientific terms, the word resolve means to separate, to break up into elementary parts. When you think about it, perhaps this is the reason why resolutions do not work. They break us up. They  reduce us. They focus on the negative.That is why I have  decided  to stop this resolution business. This year  I am going to be easy on myself and easy with everyone around me. No fixing. No promises that I cannot keep. Just a gentle whisper to myself that all is well with the world even If I do not understand what that means.  This year I will live in hope, one day at a time. This year I will Yes to everything, even when I am afraid. I will let go and let Love flow through me.

I am not exactly sure how this works because as a Mammy I love to fix everything and everyone  including you guys reading this post.I mean what is Love anyway? The ‘Good Book’ tells us that

‘Love is patient, kind, without envy. It is not boastful or arrogant. It is not ill mannered, nor does it seek its own interest. Love overcomes anger and forgets offenses. It does not take delight in wrong, but rejoices in truth. Love excuses everything, believes in all things, hopes in all things, endures all things’ (Corinthians 13: 4-7. Christian Community Bible pp 1696))


Note to self.

Have a great one you guys.

Hugs and love,




2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,200 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 4 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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