Smile! You’re at the best site ever

photo (10)And I am thinking what can I say to you that you have not already heard before?

There are only so many relaxation exercises and meditation tips that I can share without getting ‘twee’ or boring.

Yes I get it.

You know the drill.

Certain foods and exercises can and do, bring a feel good factor with them.

Then again, what if …..

What if I just couldn’t be bothered to make that change?

What if I just couldn’t be bothered to go that extra mile to make the world a better place?

What if I just couldn’t be bothered?

Full Stop.

I am told that on days like these I need to look out for the Angel Effect.

Simply put, the Angel Effect is when a complete stranger looks at you for no apparent reason and smiles, a deep warm meaningful smile, from their  heart to yours.

God, I love when that happens.

Dear Lord let it happen today.

Note to self  

Have a great week you guys.

Be angels out there.

Ya never know when that smile is really needed.

Hugs and love,


Comments on: "Your Irish Mammy is feeling very pensive this Monday morning." (6)

  1. So true ! a simple smile can be so uplifting and encouraging at times. Let us spread the Angel Effect 😍

  2. You’re welcome ! Its a pleasure getting introduced.😊 Thanks for finding your Angel in me. 🌟Lots of love and blessings sent your way 💐

  3. I love those days too and I love even more when I am the one offering the smile and I receive one n return. 🙂

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