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baseimage - CopyWhich is interesting when you come to think about it. I am a reflexologist and you would imagine that hand reflexology occupies much of my thoughts and much of my days.The truth of the matter is this: Hand Reflexology, is often an adjunct to most reflexology courses including my own which is very unfair to the wonderful therapy.

We communicate so much through our hands.

The first time I became aware of the healing power of touch was when I was a young girl in my late teens. I went into nursing straight after school. I was seventeen years old. It was an impressionable time and the role I played as a young student nurse in the care of the sick overwhelmed me. I felt so powerless against the mighty wheels of medicine. Despite my ineptitude I believed that the most vulnerable in my care benefited from my presence and it was nothing to do with what I said. I performed no astounding surgery. I did not diagnose or prescribe medicine. What I did all day long was rub heels with an antiseptic known as Mercurochrome.

Mercurochrome is illegal now but back in the late 1970’s, it was a cure for all ailments including the prevention of bedsores! And so it feel upon the most junior member of staff, i.e. – me, to perform the heel rubbing task morning and evening. I noticed that even the most stressed poor souls would relax when we nurses massaged their heels. I was being introduced to the healing power of touch: a concept that influenced the rest of my life’s choices.

The importance of this type of contact was first identified by Charles Berner in 1965 who introduced the concept which he called ‘The Cycle of Communication’ this cycle consisted of a series of non-verbal reactions flowing backward and forward between people. A few years later Michael Argyle (1972) developed this concept into the theory of ‘Interpersonal Communication’  which highlights the importance of non verbal behavior, a skill he argues that needs to be studied carefully if we wish to incorporate it successfully into our daily lives. I considered Michael Argyle’s work on an intellectual level while I was in college studying psychology. I only put it into practice  when I started to understand the vital role reflexology plays in maintaining health and well being.

And yet despite my extensive study the truth of the matter remained my reflexology therapy focused on the feet only and that is what I taught on my courses for several years.

I felt that Hand Reflexology remained unexplored territory to be trodden on carefully and never really understood. Even the charts I used at that time were lacking. No insult to the artist the fault was all mine ‘mea culpa’.

Then, 8 years ago I became involved as a reflexologist in a baby, parent & toddler group. The aim of this group was to foster social integration among the many diverse cultures in the area in which I live. Who better to mix different classes and creeds than babies, and what better therapy than reflexology?

The group was such a success that they have several now in this area under the umbrella of the A.R.D. ( Arduan/Roscam /Dougkiska) Family Resource Center. I  gained incredible experience in Hand Reflexology during this time.  I found that babies do not like someone touching’ Mummies’ feet so all reflexology was given to the hands as the baby snuggled into Mum body during the therapy. Soon I began to realize that I was getting the same results as foot reflexology! You can imagine my surprise!

So I started to chart the hand reflexology points. They are not that dissimilar to foot reflexology, except for the thumb of course and the disorienting effect of looking at the hands as a mirror image. I think this is why I have such a problem with all the charts. Presently I  am in the process of revamping  my charts and establishing a specific  hand reflexology routine which I would love to share with you in my next CPD workshop day on 14th May 2016.

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Marie Therese

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  1. Wow!.. This is wonderful Marie. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article on Hand Reflexology. I am still in training and hoping to qualify soon. So much to learn. about the application of reflexology. Thank you for sharing. Kind Regards Mai

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