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momscan  Gosh, how time flies by! My siblings tell me that I was about two and a half years old, the day this photograph was taken. I found the monkey I am holding in this picture in a  grass ditch at the bottom of our garden. I simply refused to let it go. My mother washed as best she could, offered me substitute toys  but to no avail. This monkey was mine and that was that. Even at a young age I had a determined streak !

My Dad on the other hand, was a quiet  thoughtful man of few words and kind actions. He always remembered the little things and accepted oddities of my behavior without question.

I  dedicated a book of poetry to him. He kept it close always.

If the dedication on the inset cover bemused him, he did not say.

It went like this…

To My Father who helped me to understand the fragility of human weakness.

Love ya Dad, yesterday, today and always.

May you rest in peace

With love your daughter,

Marie T


Comments on: "Its the 29th February 2016. A leap year and my Father’s Birthday. If he was alive he would be 100 years old !" (2)

  1. That’s lovely Marie T, he always sounded like a sincere & gentle man, Happy Century Birthday to your dad in Heaven, he’d be very proud of you xx

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