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IMG_1339I believe most reflexologists will agree with me when I say that hand  Reflexology charts are difficult to follow.

Hand charts -as Maureen Connolly my diseased friend, colleague and business partner used to say ‘requires an understanding that  hands – unlike the feet, are viewed  back the front’.

She made that statement 28 years ago when our school was known as The Irish Institute of Health and Healing.  During that time Hand Reflexology was taught briefly, on the last module  at the end of our reflexology diploma course. And yet,  I know for a fact, that almost every day, Maureen  practiced  Hand Reflexology  in  her clinic in Belmullet, where the  crippled and lame came from far and wide to visit the   ‘Mayo woman with healing Hands’

In 2002 Maureen retired and I set up The Galway Institute of Well-being (  which is still in existence today, now providing  CPD courses only.  Back in 2002 I had four wonderful tutors whose  passion for reflexology mirrored my own. We set about establishing effective ‘Foot Reflexology Routines’ for the different disorders of mind and body.

We even- along with other reflexology schools in Ireland, helped the Register ( to develop accredited professional Foot Reflexology Charts. It was an arduous demanding task that required incredible negotiating skills between the different schools.

Unfortunately we did not design  Hand Reflexology Charts at that time. And the situation remains the same today. Thus we do not have standardized Hand Reflexology chart approved by the Register of Reflexologists in Ireland.  My attempt in 2007 to design hand reflexology chart was a failure. I found my  charts which I shared with you on earlier posts, to be misleading. I never used them.

When I was a child  my mother quoted Mahatma Gandhi often.  ‘Be the change you want to see in the World’  was her life long motto which I carried into my professional life as a reflexologist.

Today, I am following her advice and embarking on designing user friendly, Hand Reflexology Charts with a wonderful artist Garry Kendellen ( .

Part of me is slightly nervous as I remember  how difficult it was in the past to get agreement between the schools on the less complicated foot charts.

Presently, Garry and I  have almost completed our task. Our New Hand Reflexology Charts are almost completed and we would like to share them with you to use in your practice or whatever.  And of course your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

That is the thing about social media it is easy to access opinions about our wonderful therapy from all over the world.

Have a great day you guys,

Hugs and love


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