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Interesting thing about suffering: The Good Book says we need it !!! ( Hebrews 12: 5-7)

DSC00227Not meaning to depress you on a Monday morning,  apparently it is easier to take the ‘hard knocks of life on the chin’,  if we believe,  suffering helps us to become enlightened!

Viktor Frankl ( 1905- 1997 )Professor of Neurology and Psychiatry  developed a  therapy for wonderful mental health, which he called ‘Logotherapy‘,  after  his survival in the concentration camps of  Auschwitz and Dachau.In his book Man’s Search for Meaning he describes the atrocities that he experienced in the camps and  goes on to explain that ‘if  there is meaning in life at all, then there must be meaning in suffering’ He also said, ‘ Those who have a why to live, can bear almost any how

Something  serious for us to think about  on this  wet Monday Morning.

Have a great one you guys

Hugs and love,



Its a Miracle!


And  if you do not believe me

Stop what you are doing right now

Look up at the sky

There not a cloud in sight!


 Have a great Monday You guys,

Hugs and love,


I know You are Listening When…..

DSC01937You come quietly into my private world and let me be

You really try to understand me when I do not make sense

You don’t take the problem from me but trust me to deal with it in my own

You give me enough room to discover for myself why I feel upset and enough time to think for myself what is best

You allow me the dignity of making my own decisions even though you feel I am wrong

You don’t tell that funny story you are just bursting to tell me

You allow me to make my experience one that really matters

You accept my gratitude by telling me it is good to know I have been helped

You realise that the hour I take from you leaves you a bit tired and drained

You grasp my point of view even when it goes against your sincere convictions

You accept me as I am warts and all

You don’t offer me religious solace when you sense I am not ready for it

You look at me, feel for me, and really want to know me

You spend a short, valuable time with me and make me feel it is for ever

You hold back your desire to give good advice ( Anonymous)

Just a thought for a Monday morning and what a beautiful morning it is!

Have a great one you guys,

Hugs and Love,

Marie Therese 

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