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Happy Monday Guys! It is raining! But you can’t have flowers without the rain

Good morning all. I am re blogging at the moment as I have been writing for ages and now I think it is time for me to revise over my material. I would love to hear you comments about where I might go from here. Hugs and Love as always your m t


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Have a great Monday you guys,


Everything is being taken care of.

Just like the ‘lilies in the field, that  grow without toiling or spinning’ ( Luke 12:27-28)

Everything – if we let go, will develop into its own true  potential in the end .

Hugs and Love,


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Your Irish Mammy want’s to know what have you done with your life? What kind of a question is that on a dark Monday morning?

I am re blogging at the moment as my thoughts around the very first miraculous search become clearer. Hugs and love to all of you amazing bloggers out there Your m t


photo (2)Na it’s not going to be depressing, judgmental or even ‘preachy’.

Quite honestly I hate that stuff even though, if I am not careful I can preach sometimes ,which is hilarious when you consider that I hate to receive unsolicited advice, especially when I am having a bad day.

That is the thing about advice, no one can live our lives for us. This can be difficult for family and friends when it appears to them that we are traveling on a path that they do not approve of.

And yet  I can- despite my best efforts, be judgmental at times. My mother bless her, was not.

She used to say that life’s lessons need to be hard as nothing is learned at a cocktail party.

Wise woman, my mother.

She also had a wonderful ‘ To Do‘ list which went something like this…..

  • Drink plenty of water and reduce…

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The Very First Miraculous Search: Day 9

img_11413 My cell body mass is breaks in two as I descend towards the juicy soft lining on this vast nurturing wall.

The cells on the outside are resilient and hardy.

They need to be.

It is their job to negotiate the way around the wall so that it will allow us bury ourselves there.

We need its nourishment to survive.

Inside I sense that I am soft and vulnerable.

I am surrounded by water.

This is good.

Human scientists tell us that water is the elixir of life which means  that I am alive and it is only natural that I want to survive.

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