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foot-mainThe aim of this seminar is to enhance knowledge and skills in the treatment emotional issues which can arise during a reflexology session.

We will also consider practical after care advice that can be given to clients to do at home.

For the past thirty years Marie Therese has worked as a facilitator in positive self-awareness, reflexology and health. Above all Marie Therese loves people, she loves to talk and she loves to listen. This presentation on Emotional Reflexology comes her experience as a therapist working with different groups as well as her research and understanding into different healing practices including reflexology and meditation.Marie Therese has qualifications in nursing, midwife, psychology, education and reflexology. This eclectic background has influenced her teaching and writing.Director of the Galway Institute and Wellbeing and Reflexology and Patron of The National Register of Reflexology.  Marie Therese has been providing courses in reflexology, relaxation and mindfulness, since 1988.

Recently she has expanded her knowledge and skills online through her blogs  and FB in Irish Nurses Cures

If you have any queries whatsoever do not hesitate to contact me at


Comments on: "Emotional Reflexology:Date Saturday 25th February 2017.Course Presenter: Marie Therese Shelly" (2)

  1. Jade Macdonald said:

    HI, where is this course? I am interested,I am
    based in East Sussex

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