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My miraculous search continues. Who am I? Why am I here?

Unanswered questions

Lost orphans


I travel from Saccidananda  with my troubled soul to meet my Guru  Fr Korko in his ashram The Dhyana VanemAshram in  Dindigul to attend a 12 day silent retreat.


Note to self

Yes is true,

The Sad Guru – Bhagavan Sri -Ramana Maharishi, is right.

Complex  questions  about the meaning of life cannot understood by the mind

The meaning of  life can only be  be experienced by the heart in silence.

 And so my REAL quest begins in silence in Korko’s Dhyana Vanem Ashram .

The  Dhyana Vanem Ashram

Fr Korko describes his ashram known as Dhyanavanam, as a place for reading, reflection, introspection, practice of awareness, yoga and meditation.


Where guests staying to attend a silent retreat are requested to

v  Observe silence in the ashram to maintain an environment of peace and calm.       Avoiding the use…

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