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IMG_0380We have arrived. We are Home. We are choosing to see life differently.

We now understand how progressive muscle relaxation, silence, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude changes everything in every aspect of our lives.

We are turning away from the negative ‘Back Noise’ that we spoke of on Day 1 of our Inward Journey towards the Real Me.

Choosing to be grateful means that we are paying attention to what is good and right, and ignoring what is not. Maintaining positive feelings towards self and the world in which we live allows us to become grateful of, and enthusiastic for, life. The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos which means ‘God Within’. Following the path of gratitude automatically broadens the state of mind into the realm of spirituality, which allows us to become aware of the power of Divine Transformational Love which lies dormant until awoken within the heart of every…

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