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img_1777 This morning I found the quote below  in a White Eagle Publication called ‘ The Quiet Mind’ and I thought I would share it with you on this dark cold  wet Monday Morning

‘Resist pessimism and negative thinking both in private and national life.

Think only good. ‘Think God’

Whatever your trouble, put God, and thoughts of God in place of that trouble.

Even if he does not appear to be doing so , see your brother man is striving towards God.

See the world developing and growing more spiritual’

And as The Good Book says

‘Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.(Matthew 6: 34) .

So there you have it my friends lets starting humming Bob Marley song’ Don’t worry about a thing every little thing gonna be all right’ 

Have a great day

Love you



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IMG_0380We have arrived. We are Home. We are choosing to see life differently.

We now understand how progressive muscle relaxation, silence, meditation, mindfulness and gratitude changes everything in every aspect of our lives.

We are turning away from the negative ‘Back Noise’ that we spoke of on Day 1 of our Inward Journey towards the Real Me.

Choosing to be grateful means that we are paying attention to what is good and right, and ignoring what is not. Maintaining positive feelings towards self and the world in which we live allows us to become grateful of, and enthusiastic for, life. The root of the word enthusiasm is entheos which means ‘God Within’. Following the path of gratitude automatically broadens the state of mind into the realm of spirituality, which allows us to become aware of the power of Divine Transformational Love which lies dormant until awoken within the heart of every…

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IMG_2977May you experience gentle comfort and love this day.

It is my special wish that the words I have written over these last two years, have enhanced feelings of refreshment and inspiration, even though I know not why.

Note to self.

Have a great Monday you guys

Hugs and Love,



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Source: Non – violence does not mean meek submission of the will to the evil-doer, but it means putting of one’s whole soul against the will of the tyrant. (Mahatma MK Gandhi. 1869-1948)

I am writing the second last chapter of my controversial book which I hope to publish with Penguin Ireland.I haven’t approached them yet! Just sending out the vibes! In the meantime I want to share this blog with you. The history behind it is worth reading!



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img_2041Over the years, I have treated countless people with reflexology for poor sleeping habits with positive results.  Often the origins of this disorder can be traced to an imbalance in the endocrine system especially in the pineal gland which secrets melatonin. Thankfully, no matter what causes insomnia there are several things we can do today that will help to get a good night’s sleep. These include developing a positive bedroom atmosphere, sleep preparation and last but by no means least, Progressive muscle relaxation (PMsR).  In this post I will look at ways to develop a positive bedroom atmosphere.

  A positive bedroom atmosphere

  • Sleep is effected by smell.

Believe it or not, the atmosphere in your bedroom influences the quality of your sleeping patterns. Chaos breeds chaos. There is nothing worse than a dark damp dirty bedroom. All animals, including us mere mortals respond to smell.  There is some evidence to suggest…

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