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We Talk Late into the evening…….

We talk late into the evening about our world and how it is rapidly changing.


I look into your tired eyes and see my own anguish.

Wrapped up like cotton wool, unaware that human security can no longer keep me safe.

You tell me of a time gripped in fear, robbery, muggings, rape murder.

Thoughts numbed by drunken laughter, stumbling home, damp beds, vomit, empty chatter.

It is the endless noise that I find hardest.

I think of the birthing innocents of spring, sea’s whispering breeze, bees humming.


Reprise, a moment, nothing lasts forever.

Nothing lasts in this man made world of synthetic screens, credit cards, neon lights.

Worried faces going nowhere.


Gentle nature, crumbling into a massive heap of concrete matter.

I cannot think.

It is easier to forget, ignore the truth.

I retreat within in search of peace.


A quiet perfect sanctuary.

I can as yet still go there.

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