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My search for the miraculous has brought me home.

I have traveled far and wide in search of the elusive Holy Grail to find that it was with me all along

Life’s Heartbeat


in my siblings eyes.

As the words of the Good Book echoes in my head…

Love is always patient and kind;

Love is never jealous;

Love is never boastful or conceited;

It is never rude or selfish;

It does not take offence and is not resentful.

Love takes no pleasure in other peoples sins but delights in the truth;

It is always ready to excuse. to trust, to hope and to endure whatever comes.

Love does not come to an end.

( 1 Corinthians:  13; 4-8)

Have a great Monday you guys 

And don’t forget to hug someone you love today.

Because this moment will never come around again 



According to My Irish Mother, Christina Mc Garvey, Oatmeal Bath reduce cholesterol, strengthens the heart, reduces stress and help provide a good night’s sleep

Photo: Christina and Willie O Reilly


My mother, Christina Mc Garvey was a passionate, fun- loving complex, intelligent woman, who lived from the 1930’s until the 1980’s.

She was born way before her time.

When my father first saw her, he was smitten by her clever mind and sharp wit.

She had just graduated with a degree in Pharmacy from the National University of Ireland, a thing uncommon for women in the 1930’s. She in turn loved the steady country ways of my father and traveled with him at every opportunity to his home in Dunmore house where Auntie Mother Mary would serve hot home-made griddle bread.

My mother’s contribution to healing ways of Irish Mothers, was very different than my aunts. She wanted to understand the reason behind all things. ‘Vitamin B’ she would say ‘is good anti- stress vitamin and Oatmeal Baths will help you sleep at night’

She said on several occasions  that I had an inquiring mind  like her. And I ,being the youngest child I did not like this analogy one bit.

Now that I am older I realise the truth and wisdom in her words. I too want to understand the purpose  behind all things. This curious mind of mine has led to my collection of remedies and  cures, which I am delighted to share with you including the cure attributed to the famous  Oat Meal Bath.

So here goes, don’t be put off by the wording, remember my mother was a pharmacist and her medical background infiltrated the remedies and cures, one of which is listed below.

Oatmeal Baths.


  • Put about two cup of pinhead oats in a piece of muslin. Alternatively, you can make a little bag to hold the oats with the bottom/shoe end of an old pair of tights.
  • Place the muslin bag under the running water until you have a full bath of soft silky milky warm water.
  • Soak, relax and enjoy.

Oats are rich in  B vitamins and minerals particularly zinc, manganese and that is why. it is regarded as the ‘silent healer’.

They are also  are high in fiber, which has a soothing effect on the digestive system; reduces cholesterol and strengthens the heart. Also, due to the high levels of  vitamin B  Oat baths are often recommended for the treatment of stress anxiety and depression.

Note to self

These  baths are also great for sunburn, dermatitis, nappy rash as well.


Please note that above suggestions in this blog which includes extracts taken from my book, The Irish Mothers Guide to Health and Well-being, (a work in progress ); are strictly for guideline proposes only.

Please check with your GP if you are worried in any way whatsoever.

Final Note to self

Stay tuned for more remedies and cures over the next two weeks.


Auntie Mother Mary a small round Irish woman with a big heart, hardworking hands, says ‘Everyone has something to offer.


Photo Auntie Mother Mary and My Mother Christina Mc Garvey

Auntie Mother Mary a small round woman with a big heart, hardworking hands, says ‘Everyone has something to offer’.

‘Even the smile of a new-born baby can soften the hardest of hearts’. I can hear her now as she chuckles, gently reminding me that I am, you are, each of us have a unique special gifts. ‘Experiencing a lack’, she would add, ‘whatever form it takes, teaches us to be sensitive to others’. ‘It is certainly not a necessary component for learning, but life’s difficulties have a way of making us look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture and the meaning of life.’

If I was ever feeling isolated and lonely, she would take my hand, tell me to close my eyes and take a big deep breath and decide which of the following I would do just for that day

  • Start each day with a firm resolve to focus on the present moment, if only for ten minutes each day.
  • When you meet someone you already know, pretend to yourself that you are meeting that person for the first time.
  • Be curious — you are learning a new way of relating to people. Wait and watch what happens; soon you will be surviving negativity with the best of them.

Note to self

Sometimes it just takes a moment, a kind word or a gesture to start the day afresh.

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