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Auntie Mother Mary a small round Irish woman with a big heart, hardworking hands, says ‘Everyone has something to offer.


Photo Auntie Mother Mary and My Mother Christina Mc Garvey

Auntie Mother Mary a small round woman with a big heart, hardworking hands, says ‘Everyone has something to offer’.

‘Even the smile of a new-born baby can soften the hardest of hearts’. I can hear her now as she chuckles, gently reminding me that I am, you are, each of us have a unique special gifts. ‘Experiencing a lack’, she would add, ‘whatever form it takes, teaches us to be sensitive to others’. ‘It is certainly not a necessary component for learning, but life’s difficulties have a way of making us look beyond ourselves to the bigger picture and the meaning of life.’

If I was ever feeling isolated and lonely, she would take my hand, tell me to close my eyes and take a big deep breath and decide which of the following I would do just for that day

  • Start each day with a firm resolve to focus on the present moment, if only for ten minutes each day.
  • When you meet someone you already know, pretend to yourself that you are meeting that person for the first time.
  • Be curious — you are learning a new way of relating to people. Wait and watch what happens; soon you will be surviving negativity with the best of them.

Note to self

Sometimes it just takes a moment, a kind word or a gesture to start the day afresh.

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