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You’re Irish Mammies Monday’s Reminder: In 2 more days I will post next installment of our inner journey. In the meantime forget about the rain, take a few moments to breathe deeply and listen to your heart.


On this Monday awaken!

Something special which lies deep within, is waiting.

Can you feel it?

Yes? /No?

On this wet Irish Monday Morning let take a big deep breath right down to our toes and back again and lets connect with all our Face Book friends throughout the world.

This is a great way to get out of bed in the morning as it takes no effort whatsoever. Often when we are feeling pressurized, our breathing becomes shallow, rapid and irregular. It is no surprise then, that deep breathing is a major stress-reducing technique, especially when practiced first thing in the morning before getting out of bed.

So let us begin…

With every breath you take in, feel Mother Earth’s life giving energy, being transferred into every cell and tissue of your body, nourishing and healing it.

And with every breath you exhale, imagine you are releasing all the aches,  pains,  worry and  anxieties, that may be residing deep within you, exhausting your body.

Continue this deep breathing  for at least ten times and smile, as your body is becoming energized and alive.

Then when you are ready, gently place both your hands on your heart and let them rest  there quietly, without moving. Allow yourself to totally focus on your heart beating, feel it as it softly pulsates under your hands. Thank you heart for pumping  energy and life around your body and smile.

Next allow your attention to go to your feet.

Place your two feet firmly on the floor. Imagine there are roots growing out from your feet. Therese roots are growing from your feet  through the floor you are standing on right now, growing all the way down  to the rich brown earth,  connecting you to it.

Smile, you and me we are one with all creation.

Note to self

Have a great Monday you guys.

See you on Wednesday.


It’s Monday’s. In 4 more days we will tackle those jobs you hate the mindful way, with the assistance of your Irish Mammy.

Just wondering how you are getting on with you mindful exercises?


Not started yet?

No worries.

As my upbeat optimistic friend Cathy always says, ‘Today is the first day of the rest of your life’

I know it’s a platitude. Most truths often are.

So, on this Monday let’s do something together just for the fun of it.

No one will notice if  you stand on your toes and relax back onto the ball of each foot. Then do again for at least seven times and as you do really focus on the rise and fall of each foot.

Allow yourself to smile deep from within your heart, in salutation to your higher self, who is gradually appearing before your eyes.

Then smile again for the fun of it and enjoy.

Allow this  warm bubbly feeling to pour out to others from your smiling heart.

In the words of the fourteen century English mystic, Julian of Norwich

‘All shall be  well and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well’

Note to self

No one will really notice you standing on your  toes, they will however enjoy your smile.

Have a great Monday you guys.



PS. The next post will be in 4 days.

It will be a post on how to mindfully  tackle the jobs you hate, so that such activities will energize rather than drain you.

I will post on Friday instead of the usual Wednesday.

The reason for this is simple.

Today I am fasting as I head to an ancient site and place of pilgrimage known as Lough Derg. 

I started fasting at  12 midnight yesterday  and will remain fasting until Wednesday at 12 midnight. I will also aim  to remain alert and awake for 48 hours! How ‘ cracked’is that!!

The things this daft Irish Mammy will do in search of stillness and her eagerness to share it with you.

Hugs again you guys.

Have a great one! See ya on Friday 

from mt


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