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Ho Chi Minh City.

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Photos: 1. Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon: 2. Reunification Palace :3 Opera house in District 1. : 4. Saigon Brightly restored Old Saigon Post Office in District 1  

Ho Chi Minh City, is known as Siagon.

In the late 17th century it is part of the kingdom of Cambodia and is only a small port known as Prey Nokor.

In the 16th until 18th Century the Nguyen Lords rulers in Hue moved south and reabsorbed the port of Prey Nokor into South Vietnam and along with neighbouring Chinese, build a Citadel there.

In 1859 the French entered the citadel and destroyed it

In 1956 and until 1975 Saigon is the capital of the Republic of Vietnam.

In 1975 Saigon fell to the advancing North Vietnamese forces who rename it Ho Chi Minh City.



Ho Chi Minh City( HCMC) is a high octane dazzling city of commerce and culture, consists of 19 urban Districts. Its population is rapidly expanding. In 2010 it is at 7.396 million and it is estimated to reach 22 million by 2020!

This dynamic dazzling sparkling and  pulsating city, with its high end boutique shops, lavish hotels, decadent restaurants, trendy nightspots and elegantly clad, status oriented youth make it the undisputed commercial capital of Vietnam.


Photo: Paul looking at the walking map for important sights in  District 1. Siagon

Our Hotel is in of District 1.

This area is still known as Saigon.

With the Tree lined boulevards, brightly restored Post Office, Opera house and Notre Dame Cathedral of Saigon It retains some of the French colonial charm of bygone days which neatly into the ever expanding  throbbing newly emerging commercial metropolis.

Note to self.

I arrived in this city wearing sensible walking shoes. I stumble into the Louis Vuitton store. Bad idea. I feel like the older, smaller, fatter Julia Roberts in the movie Pretty Woman. The shop attendant is not amused. Neither am I.I leave without saying a word. I’m a woman after all and I do not like feeling insignificant


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